Got a rejection email yesterday…

Sigh. It was from my all time fave epublisher Ellora’s Cave too. Don’t get me wrong, I know rejection comes with the territory when you’re a writer. And on one hand it’s actually a good thing, since being rejected requires one to submit something first. LOL. But still, it does shake the old confidence a bit. Makes me wonder if I’m sexy enough for the erotic romance game… But what the hell am I saying, right? I’m plenty sexy! Just ask…well, OK, bad analogy.

In other news I just talked to T, a friend who lives in New York, and learned that she is now self-employed! She gave notice at her job and then promptly made her old, old job a client. She now works 20 hours a week and makes enough money to pursue her goal of being a documentary filmmaker. Doesn’t that sound fabulous? Documentary filmmaker… Love hearing stories like that…


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