The Kindness of Strangers

It’s been almost two months since I filed my taxes, and like most Americans I’ve been watching the mailbox for my refund. Also, like most Americans – I’m sure – I spent the money! assuming, hey, I’ve never had a problem, I don’t cheat on my taxes and never have, it will be here in short order … Continue reading The Kindness of Strangers

Here’s a new snippet from my upcoming IR romance The Hick and the Hippie

…just so ya’ll know I’m working. 🙂 In this scene Xander and Lee met again after almost 15 years apart in an airport. He’s made his intentions clear: he wants her back. Period. She wants that too, but the pain of the past hasn’t healed completely for either of them… “Still won’t talk about it?” … Continue reading Here’s a new snippet from my upcoming IR romance The Hick and the Hippie

The Hick and the Hippie

The Hick and the Hippie

I’m doing final edits on my next book about a man, Xander, and a woman, Lee, who meet in an airport more than a decade after they first fell in love. Here’s a lil’ snippet:

“Come on in,” he told her, throwing down his bag. “My brother won’t be home ‘til late.” He immediately cracked open a bottle of root beer and took a big swig.
Not one to stand on ceremony, Lee flopped down on the couch as he unpacked his things and ate a few of the soda crackers someone had left on the table.
He sat next to her and leaned back with a math book on his lap. He saluted her with the bottle. “You wanna beer?” He teased, knowing she’d been watching to see if he had real liquor.
Lee shook her head. She knew he drank. She’d heard the jokes about him from other players, Wanda’s friends, even teachers, but Lee didn’t judge. City girl she might be, but her roots were in the south. She knew all about starting on booze young, and Xander’s easy handed drinking didn’t compare to the kindness she’d observed. The way he’d grin while playing with a teammate’s nosy, troublesome little sister, or roll his eyes and stoically take a ribbing from his sharp-tongued ex-girlfriend Sheena. And he was a doll with the pee-wee team, all of whom worshiped him.
Since they’d begun working together she was also drawn by his warmth and laughter, had found herself empathizing with the pain lurking behind his crystal green eyes. She even liked that he tried to hide that pain behind a smile and a kind word. The combination of sex and sweetness was potent.
He felt it too. He often touched her, a hand on her shoulder to fix her attention or at her back as he guided her here or there. He liked to open doors and do things that required he be close enough to brush against her. Lately, wherever she was, he was too, not close enough to crowd, but enough to share his heat and make her feel protected.
Lee had her share of pride, so she tried to hide the way his touch made her feel. They both did, especially in school. For instance, rather than stare obviously at his face, she looked down at her papers or at his body so as not to draw attention when they spoke in the hallways.
Now, as she lounged on the couch beside him she leaned back to better watch one of her favorite body parts, his hands. She loved to watch him handle things. They were big with long fingers and neatly trimmed nails. She’d always had a thing for big hands on a man. And he had such an elegant way about him. She could stare at that one facet of his masculinity all day.
“Quit,” he said, and she withheld a grin and enjoyed the unknown pleasure of watching his sculpted cheeks turn pink with embarrassment.
Routed, next she admired the line of his jaw and the way he bit his lower lip because she was still staring.
Lee took his root beer and put it down on the table. “No,” she said, and felt him jerk when their lips touched. She stopped, wondering if she was too forward for a conservative Gatlin boy. But Xander’s hesitation, a mere pause while his warm, spicy breath washed her lips, was momentary. The math book thumped to the floor, and she found herself hauled gently over to sit astride his lap while he ate at her mouth.
She sighed and settled into his arms. He had a plush, pink kiss. His lips were supple and skilled, firm and faintly dangerous when his teeth got into it. His mouth was blood red when he finally broke away, and they stared at each other.
She struggled to control her breathing, and the urge to rub herself against him like a cat, but Lee met his gaze coolly. She waited for him to start mumbling about mistakes and offering apologies, but her bravado faded as Xander stared back and for the longest moment they just looked at each other. Lee wasn’t thinking anything in particular, just how gorgeous he was with his mouth plump from hers. She’d have been gratified to know his thoughts were just as scattered as hot eyes ran over her face and hair. Her heart kicked up its beat as those long-fingered hands traveled her neck and shoulders, and she grew damp as they wrapped around her upper arms.
He made her feel tiny as he pulled her tight against his body, and she burrowed close, nuzzling, her nostrils flaring wide to drink in his scent.
Xander rose from the couch, guiding her long legs to circle his waist. He rubbed his nose in her cleavage and left damp, well sucked marks behind as he made his way toward the back of the house. They stumbled half way, and Lee laughed as he bumped her against a wall to keep from falling.
“You okay?” he rasped.
Lee nodded. Her tummy fluttered as green eyes narrowed, and the sexiest look she’d ever seen lasered in on her décolletage. She looked down and saw most of one lace covered breast was exposed by the tear in her collar. He looked like he wanted to take a bite out of her, and as the air touched her damp bosom she shivered realizing he already had.
“This is gon’ be fun,” he told her, leaning close to steal her breath with a wet, luxurious kiss. “You ready, city girl?”

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Get Money

Get Money

The only thing that would make this image better would be if the lady was wearing a fedora cocked down over one eye, some tight bell bottom jeans and a t-shirt that read ‘Granddaughter of a field slave’ (I have one, so I know they make ’em).

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A Fan of the Opera

I saw Manon this past Saturday. It was broadcast live in a movie theater as it was playing at the Met in New York. It was my first taste of the Opera – a wonderful treat from my friends Vince and Joe – and Anna Netrebko brought tears to my eyes. It is now my goal … Continue reading A Fan of the Opera