A Fan of the Opera

I saw Manon this past Saturday. It was broadcast live in a movie theater as it was playing at the Met in New York. It was my first taste of the Opera – a wonderful treat from my friends Vince and Joe – and Anna Netrebko brought tears to my eyes.

It is now my goal to see opera live in New York, at the Met, at night. I can’t imagine what the experience must be like.

I didn’t know if I would like opera, but I wanted to try it, and I was surprised by how relaxing it is. The music lulls you into this place where you’re there in your seat, but you’re also floating closer and closer to the stage, being pulled toward the characters and their struggle and passion as if by gravity. Netrebkos voice was amazing, and the interview they did with her backstage – she had a chocolate Easter bunny tucked between her breasts! – so much personality and humor. She emoted, yes, I’m fabulous, but I’m going to have fun with this thing, and you will too! And I did.


One thought on “A Fan of the Opera

  1. Sherrod,
    You have chosen a supreme performer. Anna’s ability to draw you is one of her nest assets. Her voice is just luscious, large and expressive. Glad you enjoyed it. We have been going for years and Anna has truly changed the face of opera

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