Any writer working a full-time a job and a full-time dream has a lot to do. A LOT.

There’s working, living, marketing, social networking, editing, and let’s not forget the actual writing. I’m sure I forgot at least a dozen other viable ings from that little list. But my point is, how in the h – e – double hockey sticks do you figure out what to do first, second and third?

I ask because I’ve written a decent chunk of work the past three nights. But I haven’t done any editing on a story that’s close to being ready for publication. I’ve been inspired to write – my YA characters are up to all sorts of shenanigans. I’m thinking snippet next week, kids – and I am not stupid enough to ignore the muse when she strikes.

I suppose inspiration is the deciding factor. I’ve been inspired to create on a fresh piece, rather than chip away potential issues with an old one. That said, fat kids gotta get some work done on that other book this weekend. Like so many good questions, the answer here is not cut and dried or even singular.

So, f&*! it! Follow the muse. LOL


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