Here’s a new snippet from my upcoming IR romance The Hick and the Hippie

4 thoughts on “Here’s a new snippet from my upcoming IR romance The Hick and the Hippie”

  1. just got it on kindle, quite good, liked the other two books too! Don’t know why it is not on goodreads.

    1. Thank you so much Carmella! I appreciate you taking the time to write in with a compliment. I never get any reviews *whines pitifully* so any feedback, especially positive LOL, is always welcome! I’m not even sure how one goes about getting on goodreads. I shall investigate. Peace!

  2. Definitely try and get on good reads, your work is good and I am sure you will develop a following! I really thought the Fiona Love was fabulous and since then I look out for your work! The standard of writing, plot is way beyond a lot of the works of this genre on kindle! Have to say the price is also competitive! I will be buying your work and wish you every success! Glad you liked the feedback!

    1. Carmella, you have made my day! Thank you so much. I’m definitely going to check out Good Reads and see how I can participate. Could I trouble you to write me a review on Amazon? If not, no biggie. I’m off to dull the glow shining off my head from your compliments. LOL I don’t want to blind anyone.

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