Contents: One Naked Person

Contents: One Naked Person – I saw that on a t-shirt in the June/July issue of Esquire. Cute, no?

Bradley Cooper is on the cover of that issue, and I have to say, he isn’t an actor I follow. The eyes are great, but there’s something about his lips, too thin. Still, his profile was beautifully written. He seems terribly down to earth. The kind of down to earth it would make you sad about if you met him and discovered he was really a shit. The photos were well done too, a perfect compliment to the article. He plays a gigolo, and in one picture he’s sitting on the side of a bed with a fist full of cash looking absolutely exhausted. LOL 

So, now I have to cinematically stalk him. I’m off to Netflix to update my queue with Bradley offerings.  I just read he may be playing Lucifer in Paradise Lost and/or Eric Draven in a Crow re-do. Fingers crossed for both!


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