Stalking Writers

I spent the weekend with my head in several old Jayne Ann Krentz novels. I started stalking her a few weeks ago – stalking meaning reading all of her old work, not hanging out near her home hoping she’ll drop a Kleenex – and while I’ve always been a fan, I must say reading several of her books in a row has given me a greater appreciation for her talent.

She’s great at integrating multiple storylines by different characters without losing the thread of each tale. There’s so much going on, it’s tough to put her books down, hence me reading two of them and part of a third this weekend alone.

Also, she has a rare gift for dialogue. Pages will go by of nothing but characters talking. There’s no exposition and no need for any. She just pulls you along and I have never, at least, not yet, guessed the trick in her mysteries much before the end of the book.

Love stories like that.


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