Writer, Thy Name is Helpful

OK. I just have to write about two special new Facebook friends, romance writers Nevea Lane and Stacy Deanne. They’re sooo helpful. They don’t know me – let’s face it, Facebook friends does not guarantee intimacy – but they’ve gone out of their way to be helpful and to share tips to help me promote my book.

It’s easy to be irritated by a novice. And I am! I have no idea what I’m doing. Writing, got it. Editing, got it. Promoting on the internet? Over-frickin-whelming. But these two ladies – Kallypso Masters this means you too – and quite a few others that I’ve run into on Facebook and Twitter, have been phenomenally generous. So let’s give all the the authors out there who take the time to share a helpful word with a newbie a big ole’ round of applause.

They deserve it.




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