Introducing SuperChic

SuperChic is a construct. A name within a name, if you will a la Beyonce/Sasha Fierce. She represents all that is fabulous and free and lush. Think Bvlgari Jasmin Noir in a turban with heels so tall you can’t even walk the next day without hobbling, but do ’cause that’s just how it’s done!

SuperChic adores Shala Monroque.

She’s been watching for her pictures in the fashion bibles for, like, years. And everytime she sees the St. Lucia native’s smiling face or reads some little ondit about her escapades on the social scene in New York she laughs with pride.

Here’s a real inspiration to little girls everywhere, she thinks. Take so much joy in your appearance others can’t help but look. Rock your natural hair with pride. Make the most of every opportunity and do it your way with a smile!


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