Online Therapy

Went to the grocery store last night, and as usual I brought my own bag ’cause I dislike plastic, which I feel morally obligated to recycle. Yet, I still left with three white plastic bags. I didn’t say a word. In the store at least. I grumbled quite a bit on the way to my car, and when I got to my ipad I Facebook/tweeted about it, and the irritation faded.

That got me to thinking, and as Carrie Bradshaw used to say, “I couldn’t help but wonder,” how many of us use Twitter and Facebook etc as a form of online therapy? It’s free. You can pretty much say what you want – if you’re prepared to deal with a shit storm of strangers opinions about your opinions – and it’s free – did I say that already? – Internet usage not withstanding. Also, in the tradition of taciturn/silent therapists everywhere, only occasionally do you get feedback. Sometimes good, enlgihtening, sweet or sour.

And then there’s all that lovely music


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