I blame my 7th English teacher. She tried to get me – me! – kicked out of honors English. The cheek. After I put chalk dust in her coffee – I stirred it in real good and watched her drink it down; no one in the class said a word – I don’t remember another thing. And since I think I’ve been operating at a bit of a mechanics deficit.

Oh, I hide it well, and I’ve learned a lot of what I willfully forget from that very important language learning year, but instinct only goes so far. To ascend to the realm of greatness one must have technical skill.

Now, they say practice makes perfect, and I must agree, the more I write, the better I seem to get at it. But some things I need reminding about. Omniscience, for instance. Or is it called omni-presence? My question is, can you shift from inside one character’s head to another without something obvious, like a new chapter or ******? 

I don’t know that I’ve seen it done, and I don’t know if it should be. Perhaps I’ll just wait and see… I wonder if Stephen King has a new writing book out yet? He’d know. I learned a TON from On Writing, which I swear was better than any textbook. I recommend it, highly.

I should have another snippet of my vampwitch tale for you next week!


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