I Never Thought Clooney Was All That

…until I saw the Ides of March with Ryan Gosling. I learned at the end, when the credits were rolling that Clooney not only starred in, wrote and produced the film, he directed it. Now he has my respect. I won’t lie. I only got the film for Ryan, who is one of the most talented and naturally sexy men working in Hollywood right now. His swagger is seriously compelling. But aside from the fabulous dialogue, a slightly worn but still compelling look at the behind the scenes machinations of political campaigns, I think the film offered a study in the value and relevance of cliches.

It wasn’t particularly subtle, but things aren’t always what they appear. Literally. Even the people responsible for the very best spin can be played. And even when you’re discreet, a woman can come out a loser when she brings sex into the workplace. Even when she does so willingly, with both eyes wide open. There’s lots of little goodies in there. I recommend it.


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