Another snippet from A Willing Slave

It’s not easy finding a PG-13 clip to offer from your erotic romance. Especially late at night after a few cocktails…

Buy A Willing Slave, it’s a good, cheap thrill…

…Charlie watched her ripe body for a long moment, willing her to look up at him, but she didn’t, and frustrated, he left.

When he came back in the room dressed in a fresh shirt, Christina didn’t stop working. She didn’t turn even when she felt the gentle stroke of his big hand down her spine. “Stay here, will you? I’ll bring something for dinner,” he told her, and then he was gone.

When she heard the door shut and the deadbolt slide home, Christina fell into Charlie’s seat and blew out a long breath.

This was too weird. Way too weird. One minute she was totally into the sex, the next minute she was shy and feeling set adrift just because he had to go to work. Surely any woman worth her salt needed more than half a day to turn into a clingy idiot?

Christina laughed and felt a bit better. Her thoughts cleared as her body equalized and her blood cooled, and she began to turn over the things she’d learned, stretching his feelings alongside hers looking for patterns and clues.

Charlie had thrown her a serious curve ball with this whole bet thing. In all the time they’d spent together – and that had been considerable since she moved in – she’d never once seriously entertained the idea that he might be interested in her in a sexual way. Of course, now that idea was blown to hell in a hand basket, but what exactly was she supposed to do about it?

Technically, she supposed she didn’t have to do anything except wait for his instructions – since that’s what slaves did – but that was too nerve wracking. What would he want next? Her to scrub the bathroom tile with a toothbrush so he could sneak up from behind and give her that impressive cock of his doggie style? Knowing her she’d sneeze right before they came, blow Comet everywhere, and ruin everything.

This whole thing was so far out of her experience. Crushes usually stayed private. That was the whole point. You think about someone in the dark of the night when you were horny and could either rub yourself off or take advantage of a trusty toy or two, and that was that. They didn’t bet you for your body over eggs.

To be fair Charlie hadn’t actually put her body up as stakes when he ran down the initial parameters of the bet. He’d basically bargained for a maid, one he decided later should clean naked. Or maybe that’s what he’d intended all along? Somehow that didn’t seem right. Christina couldn’t find an ulterior motive for his actions, there was no evidence of deceit. The card game had been fair, and she knew that if she’d refused to strip when he told her to he wouldn’t have forced her compliance. How could he?

She sighed irritably. There had to be something she was missing. He’d told her a lot, but it still felt like he was holding something back. She didn’t think he was lying to her exactly, why bother? He already had her at his mercy. There was no need to pretend to want her when they’d already slept together.

No, this blaze of attraction that had flared between them like a wooden match against flint didn’t feel like a lie. It just didn’t make sense. He’d hid his attraction all this time. Again, why bother? Nothing could be more convenient than starting a liaison; they lived next door to each other.

Of course, that could also be a reason not to get together. If things went bad between them they’d be so close. Christina scrunched up her face at the thought of continually awkward meetings on the stairs, at the front door or at the mailbox. And that could still happen.

Plus, Charlie had dated. It sounded romantic that he’d been eying her for so long, but no matter what unrequited lust he’d conceived for her, she’d counted at least three women he’d gone out with, not including the Barbie from this morning. Granted, he might not have slept with all of them, but he certainly hadn’t been languishing in solitary splendor entertained only by romantic musings of her. And until recently she’d worked. She couldn’t say what he was up to while she was away from home.

On the other hand, she hadn’t dated anyone. She’d had no interest in any of the men who’d approached her recently, and now she knew why. Unconsciously, she’d been waiting for Charlie. It was a strange, but she must have subconsciously been saving herself for him. It would certainly explain her meteoric response. She could happily stay on her back, legs spread, soaking up the attention and the beauty of Charlie’s fabulous body until – she didn’t know when. Maybe forever.

Her mind went in circles as she sat there amidst the remains of their lunch. There was something she was missing, something she couldn’t put her finger on. Christina sighed irritably.

After awhile she rose and finished clearing the table. When everything was as it should be, she laid down. She hadn’t slept well the night before, and despite her nap earlier she felt exhausted. It was probably best to catch a few Z’s while she could. Sure there was a finite deadline for the bet, but she had a feeling there was no end to her personal turmoil in sight.


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