Do You Like Demons?

Tall, sexy, romantic, magic fingered royalty demons, specifically? Yeah, me too.

Here’s an excerpt from my next erotic romance, a demon (Eyoen pronounced Yo – n) – musician (Cass) tale. In this excerpt Cass has traveled to his home star to meet the ‘rents so to speak. She’s on a little shopping trip with his mother…

“Have you ever considered having these made with two colors?” she asked, flipping through the print books that held her choices.

His mother and the seamstress had frozen, blinking in shock at her suggestion.

“On Earth, women and men very often wear garments of more than one hue,” Eyoen offered. “It’s quite normal.”

“Really,” said his mother.

Eyoen nodded.

“You should try one in this orange and white, momma,” Cass suggested holding up one of the pattern books.

His mother adored the Earth version of her name, and she immediately had a gown made according to Cass’ recommendations.

“Tell no one,” she ordered the seamstress. “Work on it alone. I want no one to wear this two toned garment before me!”

“Of course, your highness.”

“Once you set the fashion with two colors, you can knock their eyes out with three,” Cass told his mother, wiggling her eye brows.

His mother had actually swooned she was so excited.

“She is quite clever isn’t she?” she whispered to him when Cass was being measured for the soft shoes Cyani females traditionally wore.

“Wait until you hear her play her instrument,” he promised.

He’d arranged for Cass to play at the party his father was throwing to introduce her to the Cyani court. He was hoping to make it an engagement announcement party too, but he hadn’t asked her to marry him yet. Eyoen hadn’t even spoken of marriage, nor explained exactly what that concept meant on the star.

It was similar to the Earth version. But there were several key differences he didn’t know how she’d react to. He didn’t actually know how she’d react to any of it, and if he was honest he didn’t want to know. Cowardice was not in his makeup, however.

“What do you think of marriage?”

No time like the present. The party was in three days time.

“In general or for me?”

He laughed. “Is there a difference of opinion between the two?”

She grinned. “I suppose not. Why? You wanna marry me?”


She blinked, offered up a short, startled laugh. “Well, that’s succinct.”

“I very much want to marry you, my dear. Would you marry me?”

For a long moment she was silent.

“We haven’t known each other very long.”

“Have you ever felt for another man what you feel for me?”

“No,” she said wryly. Her demon certainly didn’t suffer from any insecurity.

“Then how long do you need?”

“We’re quite different,” she pointed out. “How do we know we’ll be compatible long term? That what we feel is real and lasting?”

Eyoen scoffed, throwing his hands in the air. “No one ever knows these things! It’s a gamble anytime two demons join together.”

“I agree, to an extent, but I’m not a demon, and that’s another thing. We’re two different species. Can we have children? I don’t see the point of marriage without children.”

“Are you ready to have them?”

She nodded.

“Could you see me as their father?”

She nodded again.

“Then you and I would have beautiful children.”

“Just like that?”

“Just like that. Now, what other feeble excuses have you drummed up?”

Cass burst out laughing. “What? You act like you didn’t just spring this on me right now. Come on! What will your parents say? I’m quite sure they’re hoping you’ll grow out of this human phase.”

“They’ve already given me their blessing.”

Eyoen barely restrained a smile when he saw how that had surprised her.

“Well, where would we live?”

“Here and on Earth. Time passes differently in both places. You could stay here with me and my family for months, and go back to find only a few hours had passed. Then we could come back here and no one would even know we’d been gone.”

“I’ll still want my career.”

He looked angry. “Of course! You must play music. That’s a given.”

She stared at him.

“What?” He asked. “Surely you’re not finished objecting already? I’d anticipated more of a fight to win your hand, darling. You’re making this way too easy for me.

“Ha ha.” Cass sat down heavily on the nearest chair. “You’re royalty.”

“So will you be.”

“What about your constituents or subjects or whatever. Will they accept me?”

“I’m not going to be king, darling. I’m the youngest of my litter. I have many brothers ahead of me who will inherit the throne.”

“You don’t believe that.”

For the first time Eyoen looked uncomfortable.

“Wondering how the Earth girl knew that, hey? Perhaps you thought the secret well kept, particularly from someone so new to the star? Well. I’m no little miss, my darling. I have it on very good authority that you are the next in line for fathers crown.”

“Who told you that?”

She smiled. “I may as well have heard it from the king himself. Your mother told me.”

“Ah. Of course. She was doubtless warning you what will be expected.”

Cass nodded. “Exactly.

“It doesn’t matter. There’s nothing wrong with my father. He’s got hundreds of years left to rule.”

“Really?” Cass asked incredulously. Then she looked appalled. “Wait. Does that mean you age more slowly than humans?”

“Yes, and if you marry me, so will you.”

“But –”

He waited but Cass just stared at him.

“How old are you?”

“Ah!” He should have known this was going too smoothly. “We’ve never talked about this, have we?”

“No.” Her brown wrinkled in confusion. “I suppose I just assumed –”

“I’m a little older than you, my dear.”

“How much is a little, Eyoen?”

“Oh, a few hundred years little actually.”

She stared at him. The pause drew out so long he wondered if she planned to say anything more. If he’d perhaps shocked her silent.

“You’re centuries old?”

He nodded.

“And you have centuries more life left to live.”

He nodded again. “Yes.”

“And,” she paused. “If I marry you I’ll age at the same rate?”


“So, if I marry you, everyone I know and who knows me will die.”

“Yes,” he said sadly. “Unfortunately, that’s true.”

“It sounds horrible,” she whispered…

The course of true love ne’er did run smooth, but you know I loooove stories with happy endings, so count on me to work it out. Until next time…


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