The Hick and The Hippie is Up on Kindle!

So I launched my third book this weekend, The Hick and The Hippie in the Amazon Kindle store. Finally! Fat kid was having serious release issues with this one. I kept editing and editing and finally had to force myself to stop. I’ve already had some positive feedback and it’s selling! Thank you very much all who’ve bought my books, especially Carmella who bought Fiona Love and A Willing Slave too! 🙂

I was showing my coworkers Carmella’s compliment and somehow got into a conversation about 50 Shades of Grey. They aren’t diehard romance fans like me so I had to give them some background on the controversy that helped to launch the book/series to stardom.

I understand the pique behind the complaints. I do not advocate blatant theft of another author’s work, for sure, but somehow I can’t really bring myself to be angry that a writer is now wildly successful because she took a rather time worn romantic formula, put her spin on it and made some money. Besides, didn’t someone once say that there are no new ideas only new or slightly new execution?

Perhaps my perspective will change when I’m no longer an indie author. But right now I’m like can you let her make that money, please? And isn’t any attention for the romance genre good for all of us in some way?

The real test will come after the 50 Shades hullabaloo dies down and her next book comes out. Then we’ll see what’s what.


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