Bad Reviewers Suck

I hesitated to say anything about this because I don’t want to give it more energy than it deserves, but people who review books and bitch about ‘I didn’t like this’ or ‘I didn’t like that’ things that have nothing to do with the story suck.

I always thought the purpose of a review was to comment on the writing. But I see more and more reviews that have nothing whatsoever to do with the mechanics of the book. When I’m looking to buy reading material I only give them the most cursory glance anymore because on more than one occasion I’ve bought a book with glowing reviews and not even finished it. Likewise, I’ve bought books that got dodgy reviews and loved them.

I have yet to take the time to write someone a bad review. In one case I returned the book. I only got a few pages in and was so turned off, I decided to spend my money elsewhere. But again, no bad review. It wasn’t that the story was poorly written, it just featured subject matter I personally didn’t like.

People who review a book and say, this could have been better and here’s why are cool. The reviews may sting, writer’s are humans, however often we seem to inhabit alternate worlds, and no one likes to hear, hey, you suck, but at least you can learn something, make revisions if need be.

But in many cases it’s totally obvious the reviewer didn’t even read the story and is just throwing shade to be a douche. I wanna muff those people in the face, roll my eyes and say, you ain’t gon’ like e’ry thang all the time boo boo. Find a live person to complain to and stop tryna poison the well.

Another thing, bad reviews just look  suspicious when they’re side by side with four and a half, five stars. It’s like, hello stupid head, everyone can tell you have some random axe to grind. Beat it.


2 thoughts on “Bad Reviewers Suck

  1. I agree Sherrod, I don’t give much credit to reviews that drop the one and two star bomb without saying something substantial. On the other hand, I don’t give much credit to reviews that are glowing without substance either. As a reader of e-books, it’s getting harder to find works I’ll like based on reviews.

    • Ain’t it the truth? Amazon has given everyone all this lovely freedom, but there’s been no education on how to use it properly. And by that I don’t mean everyone has to be a professional writer/editor to leave a review, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a few guidelines on how and what a valuable review contain.

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