Organic Success

OK, so indie author gets positive attention and goes completely batshit crazy. It’s all Theodora Taylor at ‘s fault. I was checking the reviews of my last book The Hick and The Hippie to see what fresh horrors awaited me – I am exaggerating, a little – and I find she’s left me the most generous and kind review.

I felt 10 feet tall after I read it.

Really. It’s like someone shot me in my writing arm with steroids. I’m praying for the day to end – and to reclaim my focus so I can get some frickin’ work done – so I can go home and get back to work. Theodora posted my cover and all sorts of other promo goodness, and even better? I don’t know this woman. This was completely organic, unsolicited, random, and I absolutely adore it. The review wasn’t perfect – what is? – but I will take it – you will get it back by prying it from my cold, dead claw-like grasp – and pray for more of the same.

Spoiler alert: Mush ahead: I wish there was some way to reach out to the people who like my stuff so I could tell them how glad I am that they do. I write for three reasons: passion, freedom and legacy, and readers = legacy. When people reach out, it means a lot.


4 thoughts on “Organic Success

  1. I absolutely loved “The Hick and the Hippie”. Although, Lee-Lee was more bohemian than a hippie. Will there be a sequel? Xander and Lee have more stories to tell. For example, did Xander confront his brother about his role in keeping them apart; what did Xander do to the jerk who assaulted Lee in the art gallery; did they marry or are they still in a relationship? It takes quite a while to make-up for ten lost years. However, the ten years apart allowed them to mature and for their love to grow beyond puppy love. First love is a powerful thing! I can’t wait to learn about their life together. Is there a baby on the horizon?

    Thanks so much

    • Traci! You made my day. I confess I never thought about a sequel. Quite a few people have commented on the unanswered questions the book poses, and who knows? A sequel might be just the ticket. But in the meantime I hope you’ll give my other books a try. You might also like Fiona Love, and I have a paranormal coming out in a few weeks. Thanks for writing! Peace, Sherrod

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