Sara Fawkes Hit the Big Time!

Sara Fawkes has done it: published an indie series and gotten picked up by a major imprint. Fabulous. If I believed in jealousy, I would be grinding my teeth to a pulp right now. LOL

Of course she’s being compared to Fifty Shades of Grey because of the more superficial facets of their respective stories, the billionaire and the innocent, essentially, but it’s sad that the authors of these web pieces don’t ever mention that this is a tried, true and well loved romantic formula. EL James and Fawkes have certainly adapted it for the times, but let’s not forget that Harlequin has built a romance novel empire on this long before erotic writing newbies like myself even picked up a pen. Authors like Robyn Donald have been writing about broke heroines and the rich alpha bullies who love them for decades.

Still, it’s awesome. Congrats to Sara. I’ve read her work and have enjoyed it, and this is probably the start of a long and profitable career for her.


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