Tell Little Girls – and Boys – They’re #Beautiful Every Day

Remember this iconic video from George Michael? It features all the top beauties of the day, some of which are still around. As I watched it I was struck by the lyrics, George is kickin’ some real -ish in the ear…it makes me think about my teens and 20’s. I was fucking hot and had no idea. If I had kids I’d tell them they were beautiful and brilliant every single day. It worked with my nephew who is currently celebrating his masters degree by touring Europe – I believe it’s London this week? – the kid is fabulous. No self esteem issues to be found, and he’s kind and has good old fashioned common sense to boot. Low self-esteem is such a waste! Fight it wherever you find it, folk, with a flaming sword and a blow torch if necessary, for that way lies fear and missed opportunities…


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