It takes so little to ignite the imagination

I watched Robin Hood with Russell Crowe, who I know from films like Gladiator, the recent hit Man of Steel, and of course unfortunate temper tantrums/media circuses based on communication tools. And because I liked the way he handled – and kissed – Cate Blanchett, I’ve been looking up his old work. It’s a habit I have, following actors, and occasionally obsessively stalking all their old films. I’ve also been checking out old interviews, like this one from the Actor’s Studio. What’s really interesting is not that he’s charismatic; we know that by now. But in the beginning he’s almost exclusively looking down. He warms up as the interview continues, but I found that beginning defensiveness so charming for some reason. A character I’ve roughed out in my head for a future romance began to take on more shape, to pick up some of the same characteristics one can attribute to Crowe. My future fictional man is decisive, committed, right or wrong, and curious. I think he’s gonna have to get into some trouble too. Not because he’s a troublemaker, but because sometimes when you have an opinion and people want you to change it and you refuse, trouble follows. He’ll have a sexy voice, an accent wouldn’t go amiss I’m thinking, and a masculine rather than pretty or handsome body. Charm for days, of course…a real man, you know? Now I’ve just got to find the perfect heroine to act as his foil…


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