Snippet Monday: How to Love a Blue Demon #paranormal #romance

Peace. In this snippet from my latest book How to Love a Blue Demon, our hero Eyoen has traveled through space to take a “place” near his wanna be lover Cass. He’s been in an accident, of a sort, and our heroine has rushed to his side…

His ears pricked as there was a commotion in the hall. His new nostrils flared slightly, and compelled, he inhaled as deeply as he could though it pained him mightily to do so. That scent! The female was so luscious his senses swam inside his thick, painful head. He knew he’d never smelled this woman before. How could he? He’d never been to Earth, had never beheld an Earth woman outside of watching them on The Box. But this female in particular, somehow he knew her, and she was coming into his room, two smaller females and a large male on her heels.

Cass threw the door open so hard it bounced against the wall. It would have hit her had she not already been across the room and at his side.

“My God,” she breathed. “He looks like he’s dead.”

For one moment, Eyoen’s heart actually stopped beating he was so shocked, then he was ecstatically happy. It was her! His Cass. But then she began to cry, and his soul dipped as waves of her sadness washed over his battered form.

He wished with all his heart that he could comfort her, but he could do nothing, say nothing; he couldn’t even lift his bedamned hand to stroke her black hair.

“Oh, Lee,” she whispered. “A fucking cab?”

Was that what had happened to him? He’d been hit by a car. But then Eyoen realized what this meant. He was in her lover’s body. The Fates had been cruel and kind all in the same moment. Her lover was dead, and now he was her lover.

“They said he would be okay. It was touch and go at first, but he’s rallied in the last half an hour. He’s strong. Aside from the head injury, he’d relatively unscathed. Superficial cuts and bruises. Poor thing. I’ve had to cancel all his appointments for the next few weeks.”

Who is that woman, Rierdane?

“She is Lee’s agent.”

Cass glared at the woman. “Why the fuck are you talkin’ about work at a time like this? Who gives a shit about those jobs!” and that was the last thing she said for awhile.

Cass refused to leave his side, Eyoen realized happily. Eventually Paulette left, as did Priti, Cass’ companion and someone called Boyd, the bodyguard if he wasn’t mistaken. But Cass pulled a chair over and leaned on the side of his bed, his hand in hers.

Eyoen never would have thought he’d be so happy to be mute, incapacitated and in pain, but he was, and all because she was touching him.

She sighed then, and his nose tingled at the sweet scent of her breath. She’d eaten candy earlier. He’d heard her crunching it before the smell of peppermint reached him.

“I was going to break up with you this week,” she told him softly.

Eyoen’s heart jumped in alarm. What?

“But I won’t leave you until you’re okay, Lee-Lee. Please get well for me, hear?”

You will not leave me, he wanted to yell. They would be lovers. He would see to it. He sent her a little suggestion to keep talking. He needed as much information as possible. The thought of her leaving him had his human heart thudding erratically.

“Calm yourself or the hospital staff will come and make her leave,” Rierdane cautioned.

Eyoen obeyed.

Cass barely needed the little nudge he gave her. He could sense the affection she had for him, for Lee, but there was a good bit of frustration there as well. At Eyoen’s urging she revealed that while the sex between them had always been good, lately it had grown predictable.

“You know how when people have been together for a long time, and they get comfortable with each other and stop trying? That’s how I feel. The only thing you ever get excited about these days is drinking,” she told him, a hint of scorn in her deep voice now. “And I got nothin’ against a body having a drink now and then, but almost every day? Your looks are your stock in trade; it’s stupid of you to abuse your body this way.”

Eyoen agreed. He’d never understood demon’s who had to partake of Cyani ale and flower wines every day. There were no lasting affects like alcoholism, but it had been known to cause an otherwise upstanding demon to act like a complete nuisance in public.

In all the years he’d been watching Cass, he’d only seen her drunk once, maybe twice, and those times she’d been more tippled than intoxicated. She was so cute in those moments. She laughed a lot and made faces, talked in funny voices. One had been a small feathered animal humans called a duck.

She’d grown sleepy, and in his mind’s eye he could see her chin on hand, her eyes closed, lips slightly parted. He sighed mentally, enjoying the quiet, and the heat and scent of her next to him. They would be happy together, he told himself, not realizing his thoughts had already shifted toward the permanent, though his time in this body was finite… 

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