Snippet Wednesday: How to Love a Blue Demon (Explicit) #paranormal #romance #nofilter #ratedr


Peace. In this snippet from my latest paranormal romance How to Love a Blue Demon our hero Eyoen is a bit…distracted by our heroine, even though she’s not there…

The slave was trying to be quiet, and Eyoen appreciated it. The pitch of her keening was a bit disconcerting. As was the fact that he was distracted. Usually he reveled in the sounds of female moans, of the slap of flesh against flesh and the slick smush of wet flesh.

Oh, his cock was hard, and the lush cunt it was wrapped in was as hot and wet as cunts could be. But tonight his attention just wasn’t there. He sighed, slapping the side of the girl’s flank and leaning back to disengage their bodies.

She obligingly flopped over onto her belly and stuck her ass out for him. She arched and preened when he stroked her back and her bum, enjoying the caress like the hedonist she was.

Trini has always been one of his favorites for that reason. She enjoyed sex and had no hidden agenda. She wasn’t angling for baubles or money or position, though he gave all freely. There was no secret longing to be more than his faithful concubine, and for that, before he left for Earth he wondered if he should grant her freedom.

He quickened his thrusts, suddenly wanting to be alone. The moans bubbled freely from her lips now; she could no longer hold them in and he grunted, pleased despite his distraction. He pounded her harder – she’d always liked a good hard fuck – and she cried out his name as she came. She fell forward onto her nose into his pillows, but only for a second. After she sighed gustily and stretched her long-limbed body, she took his cock in her mouth.

Skilled as she was it only took a few minutes for him to spend.

“Ready to leave, master?” she whispered, her throaty purr pleasing to his distracted ears.

“Yes, my dear. I am ready. Tell me. While I’m gone would you like your freedom?”

Trini’s eyes widened. “Freedom to leave the star and go off on my own?”

He nodded. “We’d set you up somewhere. Isn’t there a package for retired houris? A certain number of cassa per year and a small home?”

She nodded slowly. “Yes, sire. I will be entitled to those things in five desha.

“It’s a long time,” he said quietly, of the approximately 18 Earth months that equaled one desha.

Trini rolled on top of him, straddling his hips and lifting her large breasts in small hands. “Let’s talk about my freedom later. Give me something to think about while you’re gone, master,” she whispered. “I don’t want to be lonely.”

And Eyoen did. But it was Cass that he thought of, it was for her that his back arched, his eyes closed, and his mouth went slack against the pleasure streaking through his body. It was Cass’ long, brown body he flipped over and began to thrust into as though his life depended on making the warm female beneath him squeal with pleasure.

Everything was tangled in his mind. His need for an Earth woman he had never touched but had watched for years. His desire to put his mouth on her throat, to bite and lick and suck until she screamed out the way Trini was as her second – or was it third? – climax ripped through her body. Eyoen wanted Cass with every fiery breath that he took, every beat of his heart, every surge of yellow blood in his veins.

He wanted the drops of gorgeously scented sweat that fell onto Trini’s body to fall on Cass, to drive Cass’ pleasure higher because she was unable to resist the pheromones his kind secreted when rutting. He wanted the musician’s short, clear painted nails to score his arms and his back as he pistoned inside her until the sound became a rhythmic click in an otherwise silent room. He wanted Cass so badly, as the cum shot from his body in great pulsing jets, he called her name.

Trini just smiled. After all, he was inside of her, whoever this Cass might be…


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