My Cup Runneth Over #paranormal #romance #fiction #indie


I’m not usually easy to impress. I’ve been called a skeptic, and as a media professional I’m required to take most things offered with a grain of salt.

But when I saw the first few reviews of my latest book How to Love a Blue Demon I couldn’t help overreacting. I was like a race horse, slapped on the rump, gate open, and I was off! I shared the kind words with any and everyone who would listen, basking in virtual praise, uncaring whether I was boring the shit out of friends and family. I was literally doing the booty dance in my office at work, door closed, of course. And later I walked around with a fat ass grin, categorically unable to stop cheesing I was so pleased with myself.

There may be some shitty reviews in my future – you can’t please everyone after all – but I’m grateful the initial response to my first erotic paranormal romance has been positive. I’ve always liked the sub-genre. The whole, anything-is-possible vibe of it is like catnip for a writer.

Even better, I don’t see myself getting tired of it. I felt the lure of the impossible when I wrote The Best Bite, my paranormal YA title (I’m having the cover redesigned; not sure what the hell I was thinking). And it came at the perfect time. I’d written a few erotic romances, and enjoyed some success, but I was burning out on reading them and writing them. I needed an infusion of something special, and paranormal offered that open door to possibility that reinvigorated my creative juices and my e-book habit – a habit that has since spun completely out of control. *Sigh.*

I’ve already begun work on my next one. This one will feature sisters, ancient African earth witches on a quest and on the run from a power hungry vampire who wants to absorb the endless strength of the sun and the land via their lives.

Stick with me ya’ll. I’ve got some good stuff coming. And a big super size thank you to all who take the time to leave fabulous reviews, for me and for every writer. Time is so hard to come by these days, and it means A LOT. For those who communicate with me on Twitter and Facebook, read my snippets and follow my blog, you have no idea how much I appreciate your kind words and support. *bows respectfully with hands clasped* Thank you.



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