Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #erotic #romance #interracial

5 thoughts on “Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #erotic #romance #interracial”

  1. Damn, this is deep and powerful. Call me a “wimp” but I generally don’t like to read stories where women have been abused but your plot and prose are making me think– I will make an exception in the case of this story.

    1. Thanks, Kim! Tunie is turning out to be a bit of a gangster. Lol. I have to tell you, I’m loving it. She’s really going places I didn’t intend, but I can’t deny her, you know? She’s writing her own ticket and taking me along for the ride! I guess either I’m ready for more strength in my life, or I’m fed up with the doormats I’ve been reading in romances lately, or both! Thanks for reading me…peace. SS

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