Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #erotic #romance #interracial

The romance between Charles and Tunie is rolling merrily along. It’s weird, for the first time I’m telling a story mostly from the male perspective. And my heroine is turning into a bit of a bad ass even though she’s technically down on her luck and in a vulnerable position to my hero Charlie. See what I mean in this pre-edited snippet…warning. Some of the language is rough, but I like the fact that she’s down but not out. I love the strength even though I have no clue where its coming from or what she will do next. Lemme know what you think…

Charles, who routinely gambled hundreds of thousands of dollars on stocks and business investments fraught with risk felt his innards quail at the look Tunie was giving him across the table.

Uh oh, he thought inanely.

She smiled, a quirk of lips that came and went like a breeze on those full lips. “You stupid motherfucker.”

He recoiled at the quiet venom in her voice, his dark brows shooting into his hairline.

“You think you’re so fuckin’ smart, but half the time you open your mouth you put your big ass foot right in.”

She walked toward him as she spoke, stopping when she was beside his chair. She hopped up to sit on the edge, so close he could feel the heat from her body, but though she leaned in she didn’t touch him.

“I think you may be operating from some misinformation, so I want you to let me tell you something. A little story that might hip you to who it is that you’re dealing with. I told you about my step brother, that rapist little shit who thought he was gon’ turn me into his personal whore when I was 15.”

“Tunie –”

“Shut up.”

His eyes narrowed but he obeyed.

“He was so puffed up, thought he was a man ‘cause he took from me what was mine to give. But what I didn’t tell you was what happened to that little nigger after he fucked me over. My eye was swelling shut, I had blood in my mouth, my lip was cut and I had blood between my legs. But when that little prick went back to his room, presumably to crow about his actions to someone since he had the phone in his hand when I got there, I followed. And I didn’t come alone. I stopped by the kitchen and I brought a cast iron skillet with me. One of those big old fashioned joints that can be real heavy, almost too heavy to lift. But that day it felt as light as an aluminum bat, and I swung it like I was hitting a homerun.”

His sucked in a shocked breath, transfixed by the almost demonic cast of her face as she told her story, never once letting his eyes free.

“I only got in two swings before my stepmother took that skillet away, but they were two good swings. That motherfucker had knots on his head the size of your fist, and when she took that skillet away from me I kicked him while he was down, and I knocked out all of his front teeth. I tried to put my foot through his face again, but my stepmother stopped me.

“She begged me to stop, not to throw my life away on some trifling ass low life. Then she told me she was sorry. I spat blood in her face.”

Shock had his mouth falling open, and he almost leaned back when she leaned in close to his face and smiled, the coldest, most dead eyed smile he’d ever seen.

“’Cause, see, the way I figure, that while shit was her fault. I’d complained about him bothering me twice before that. One time she ignored me. Then she told me to stop teasing him. And she said it in front of him. So to me, see, she wasn’t shit either. In fact, she was worse than that bastard because she basically told him it was okay to abuse me.

“So, if you’re nursing some little bad feeling in your belly about how you saved me to assuage the guilt you feel for taking me as your mistress, don’t waste your time, baby,” she said softly. “I may be poor, black and a woman, but I ain’t no fool, and I don’t need saving. You’re paying for pussy, and that’s what you’re gonna get. Now it’s time for you to go. I think I’ll take two days off this week. I’ve earned a rest.”


5 thoughts on “Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #erotic #romance #interracial

  1. Damn, this is deep and powerful. Call me a “wimp” but I generally don’t like to read stories where women have been abused but your plot and prose are making me think– I will make an exception in the case of this story.

    • Thanks, Kim! Tunie is turning out to be a bit of a gangster. Lol. I have to tell you, I’m loving it. She’s really going places I didn’t intend, but I can’t deny her, you know? She’s writing her own ticket and taking me along for the ride! I guess either I’m ready for more strength in my life, or I’m fed up with the doormats I’ve been reading in romances lately, or both! Thanks for reading me…peace. SS

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