Snippet Tuesday: Margot and Nori #erotic #romance #fiction #roughcut #ratedR

Hey ya’ll. I’m still zigzagging back and forth between stories. Right now the passion between Margot and Nori is keeping me very busy. I may have mentioned before that I’m telling this story primarily through his eyes, which is interesting. It kinda lets me pretend to be a man. Though, I bet my “man” is a bit more enlightened and verbose than the average specimen. LOL These two clicked so fast, it’s been tough for me to find the conflict I need to give the story teeth, but I think it will take form as external drama. We’ll see how it plays out. Meantime, I hope you enjoy this unedited snippet. This love scene happens right after some family drama. They’re soooo in love…sigh…

“Tommy would be appalled at how carelessly you’re treating this Dolce and Gabbana dress.”

“I wouldn’t care if the fabric was made out of spun gold, help me get it off, or I’ll rip it to shreds,” he ordered, spinning her around and yanking down her zipper.

He stood back then, fisted hands opening and closing as he watched her step out of the dress and slowly remove her bra, and even more slowly, her panties. But instead of enflaming him, her gentle titillation made him smile. He laughed as her smooth brown skin was revealed, continued to laugh as he tugged off his own clothes.

When he was naked, his cock standing straight up like an arrow it was so hard, he was still smiling, blue eyes sparkling as he opened his arms and watched, intensely satisfied when she walked into them. He sighed deeply as he closed his arms around her warmth.

She squeaked in surprise when he swung her into his arms and laid her on the bed. Once over her he sat back on his heels for a long, thorough look.

“You are the beautiful one,” he whispered. “I feel blessed every time I get to hold you.”

Her eyes grew soft with tears at his beautiful words, but they didn’t fall. Instead she laughed and pulled him down, her lips moving against his they were so close.

“Me too baby, now get to work.”

Nori grinned, ever ready to meet any challenge. “Yes, ma’am.”

He began to talk.

Margot probably thought he was seducing her. But this game wasn’t only for her. It ratcheted up his pleasure by degrees to engage all of his senses as well as his brain while they made love.

As his hands ran willy nilly over her soft body, squeezing and stroking and pinching where and what he could, he whispered that her skin was his playground. That he adored it, was jealous of it because it got to touch her everywhere he wanted to, all the time.

He told her that he ached to be inside her, wanted to root inside her body like a seed, unfurling until he’d sunk deep, and then he’d be a part of her forever.

Margot’s head tossed on the pillow, her breath coming hard and fast as Nori whispered the most beautiful things. Her body had long since begun to warm, to grow wet, as it prepared her for him. The slide of his big hands all over her body only made her desire fall faster, and he groaned when he found the insides of her thighs were damp with need for him.

“My darling,” he whispered in French, lips trailing kisses over her trembling breasts, the rippling flesh of her flat belly. “You threaten to unman me and free me all at once.”

She cried out when he took her with his mouth, his tongue a beautiful instrument of torture as he licked a slow and thorough pattern of pleasure over her hot pink and brown flesh.

He whispered that he’d live insider her if he could, else carry her around in his pocket like the most precious toy, so he could pull her out and play with her whenever he liked. He groaned as he sucked her clit into his mouth, as though finally allowed to savor the most delicious morsel, and his heart thumped in triumph when she cried out, shuddering as a hard climax shook her unmercifully.

He kissed his way around her slender hips, grazing the dip of her navel with the tip of his tongue before he dragged a wet trail to her breast. There he overfilled his mouth with the soft curves that tortured his thoughts whenever they weren’t together.

As he made himself comfortable between her legs, he told her that waiting for these moments drove him hard, made him impatient with his staff because he wanted work done so he come here to be with her.

“Kiss me,” she pleaded, when he teased her mouth but placed his lips against her cheek, her nose, her neck instead.

“No,” he laughed, surging inside her with a decisive stroke that had her shuddering beneath him. “I want to hear you. I will fill that lovely mouth later,” he promised, hips already churning. “Look at me,” he whispered, reveling in their passion when he saw her struggling to obey. “Look at me.”

She managed to offer a lazy sliver of compelling brown eyes, shrouded in slow blinks, long lip licks and a firmly arching back as she moved in tandem with him.

“Margot,” he groaned, his own eyes closing as the slap of their skins, his hips battering hers grew loud.

He wanted to keep talking, to keep whispering the sweet, filthy little nothings that would elevate her pleasure and bring forth the physical responses that sent his own through the stratosphere. But he couldn’t; it felt too good. His brain was disconnecting from his body, and his body was taking over.

He groaned, squeezing her close, unknowingly nipping her hard with his teeth as the pleasure sharpened like the point of a beautiful and deadly knife, piercing his self control and sending rapture exploding through his brain.

Margot held him close as he shook in her arms. Gentle hands touching and stroking and stretching the pleasure out until his skin tingled with her goodness. When he caught his breath he raised his head and kissed her, a gentle caress without tongue that shared every sweet thing he felt in his heart. He wondered if she felt it. If she really had any idea how he felt.

His arms tightened briefly then released when she slipped from the bed. He watched as she padded from the room, shooting him a sexy grin over her shoulder as she left. He rose and used the bathroom, quickly tidying himself and slipping back between their tumbled sheets.

He was tired. He had a brace of meetings in the morning that he knew would take up most of the day. But tomorrow night he would take her somewhere special for dinner. Make up for the fiasco they’d endured tonight.

She reappeared with two glasses. He took his, thirsty, but didn’t drink immediately so he could watch her, watch the gentle rise and fall of those luscious breasts as she drank.

“Sleepy?” she asked, setting the glass aside and padding into the bath to begin her nightly toilette.

“Yes, Lord.”

She laughed, hearing him repeat one of her and Tommy’s common phrases. She turned on the shower. “Coming in with me?”

He nodded, and stood yawning, shivering with pleasure as she ran soapy hands all over his body. He shuddered when she wrapped her soapy hand around his cock, cleaning him quickly and efficiently, and making him groan with disappointment when she moved on.

They brushed their teeth side by side at the sink, he held out his brush and she put paste on it for him. He watched as she toned her face and neck and applied a few of her potions.

“I’m sorry.” He ran a gentle hand over a slightly red abrasion along her jaw from his beard coming in.

She shrugged and rubbed in a little Neosporin. She seemed to love the stuff.

He sighed when she took his hand and led him to bed, watched as she shook the wrinkles from tumbled sheets and pulled them neatly back for him to get in. He did, blinking up at her as she turned out the lights and slid in beside him.

Almost as soon as she moved into his arms, he slept…


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