The Eternal Quest For Simple Things @MiguelUnlimited #music #writing #erotic #romance

I must be having a Virgo moment. I’m staring at my place, looking at all the shit I need to do and haven’t done. The dishes sitting in their soapy bath of rapidly cooling water. Well, it was soapy. Most of the bubbles are gone. The clothes I didn’t hang up or lay out in preparation for tomorrow. The bathroom I didn’t clean, you get the picture. I did manage to mow the grass, and I wrote on and off all day. My next masterpiece is coming along nicely LOL.

I love this song. Miguel talks about the power of the simple things, of love. How he wants it so bad. Don’t we all buddy! It’s fucking impossible though. Not love. Even if you’re romantically challenged, which we all have been at one time or another, you can always buy love…in a romance novel. Got you! LOL.

No, I’m talking about grappling with shit. Things. Bah. I struggle not to buy. I know I don’t need half of it, most of it. I have enough, more than enough things, but I can’t seem to help it. I battle. To give things away, to organize them, to put them in their place, get them out from underfoot.

I suppose all could be solved if I had a maid. But that’s too easy, no? I want to conquer things. To be minimalist in the extreme. To have all avenues wide open, breathing deep and clutter free. So far the closest I’ve come is waging a full on campaign to shred every unnecessary paper. Last weekend do you know I got rid of every House Beautiful magazine from 2009 until July of this year? The pile came up to my frickin’ knee. It took like four trips to the car, but I recycled them all. The sense of accomplishment faded way too quick.

But I will keep trying. To keep things simple, I mean. To downsize, right size, eliminate, sharpen the focus! I want nothing to stand in the way of me and my fiction. The closer I get to it, the closer I get to you. 🙂

Love you,


P.S. I hope you like the new site. My latest effort to be easy and clean and clutter free to coincide with the release of Paying For It, which I hope you’re enjoying the shit out of!


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