Snippet: Margot and Nori #writing #erotic #romance

This story has been flowin’ like crazy, y’all. The cover’s done. I got crazy action. It’s looking good for release next month if I keep up this pace. *crosses fingers* We’ll see. Meantime, here’s a lil’ taste for you. I haven’t posted anything about Margot and Nori in awhile. To remind you, she’s a jewelry designer, he’s the CEO of a global chain of high end boutiques. They do capsule collections for different artisans, and Margot is the latest. Nori’s not expecting to be quite this interested…Enjoy this unedited snippet!

Nori wasn’t sure what he was expecting. Of course he’d done his research, same as he did for anything or anyone looking to join the Ineffable organization. He knew Margot Temple was a 36 year old jewelry designer who’d been steadily making a name for herself for the past 18 years.

According to the bio on her web site she’d started making jewelry as a way to fund her college education, but when her jewelry became popular, she decided to stick with it. She never made it to college.

She was single, had never been married, had no children and had a small criminal record. She lived in a two flat downtown not too far from his home, and had been living in the building since the recession when she’d bought it for 1/9 of its original value, and paid half in cash.

He knew she had a reputation for being temperamental. That was actually a bit of an understatement; her tantrums were legendary in the retail industry. He’d done more research on that temper specifically after Candy recounted a few of the recent tidbits. Though there weren’t as many of them as he’d expected, and some of the stories he’d heard he’d bet money were exaggerated…

His part-time publicist and party-planner Tommy confirmed as much when he called to ask her if she knew Margot. He’d been working with Tommy for years, since Ineffable first came to the city. She’d done some parties and PR to “introduce him to the neighborhood,” as she called it, helping to make Ineffable a staple for some of the wealthiest women in the Chicagoland area.

Not only did Tommy know Margot, she represented her, and she’d known Margot since they were children. They’d grown up in the same suburb just south of the city.

“Margot’s got more talent in her pinky than most of these so called designers out here do in their whole bodies,” she said. “She can make something beautiful out of rocks, glue and tape, and she can make people want to buy it. Get her now. In a year or two, you won’t be able to afford her. I’m going to see to that. Shall I arrange a meeting?”

He agreed, saying Candy would be in touch, and that he hoped she could make it to the meet.

“Done. I was planning to mention her to you next time we spoke anyway. I was in the store recently, and your manager was eying my earrings, by Margot, and the jewelry in your case, while tasteful and somewhat unique, could use a little oomph.”

“Tommy, honey, you have got to learn to form an opinion,” said Nori.

The publicist just laughed, and before they said their goodbyes she asked that he keep an open mind about Margot.

“I know she’s got a little bit of a rep for, incidents,” she said carefully. “And as much as I want to, I can’t say some of what you’ve undoubtedly heard isn’t true. But most of that crap is just exaggerated rumor, some of which has been spread by people who’ve tried to screw over her and come out a loser. Margot has a big heart, a huge one. She’s a sweetheart, and her kind of talent is great enough for you to overlook almost anything.”

He liked that Tommy was so protective of her friend and client. He respected her skill as a businesswoman, and he trusted her, so he promised to reserve judgment.

Nori also knew Margot was beautiful. There were pictures of her all over the Internet. Tall, almost too slender with large breasts, real, if he wasn’t mistaken, and creamy pecan brown skin. She had long curly black hair and the kind of face that made you look twice, then look hard. Her beauty wasn’t soft. Her features were strong, her chin was square, her cheekbones sharp and her eyes were large and almond shaped. Her looks had undoubtedly helped her sell her jewelry, and if he brought her into the Ineffable fold, they would definitely be used to help enhance the brand.

Despite all the information he’d gathered, he had no expectations. Nori liked to look in a person’s eyes before he signed off on any deal, to make any significant determination of a person’s character. He knew better than most how the media could spin a story – even the truth, to convey the message they wanted.

But he hadn’t counted on was how unutterably sexy she was. When she walked into his office, and they reached out to shake hands, Nori literally felt himself begin to sweat. He had never reacted to a woman so forcefully, so quickly, without even hearing her voice. His reaction was disconcerting.

Dressed in a pale pink skirt suit, all scalloped edges and dark pink piping, she was as calm and inscrutable as a Madonna. Nori liked to think he was a good judge of character. It had helped him make his own money, a lot of it, before he took over the family business. His ability to read people, to size them up, search out their flaws, and instinctively exploit them for his own advantage was as respected in business circles as his well-cut suits were in fashion circles.

But when he looked at her, he got nothing. He sensed no fear, no nervousness, and oddly, no desire of any kind. He had to bit his own tongue to keep from laughing. He hadn’t realized he’d grown spoiled, become used to the admiration of women. Even if it was his money they sometimes appreciated more than his tall, 4.2 percent body fat physique and what more than one had claimed was a poetically handsome face.

With Margot, nothing. He had no idea if she liked what she saw when she looked at him. He had nothing except an extremely prominent and irritating erection, until he heard her voice. Then everything changed.

Something about that sound pulled something loose in him. Something he hadn’t known was there, waiting to be disturbed. His skin tingled. His eyes narrowed. He wanted to kick the others from the room so he could concentrate on that deep, heavy rasp. It was rough, but it felt like silk on his body. It sounded almost dirty in the bright light of day. It was the kind of voice that should be heard under the moon, from behind a velvet curtain, and it was so sexy he had to sit down and cross his legs immediately to hide his eager cock.

Later he could barely remember what transpired at the meeting. Thankfully, Candy handled it all – he’d been too busy talking his erection down – but he did recall the charge he got later when his VP called to tell him Margot had signed the contract.

I got her, he thought, a thick ribbon of satisfaction unfurling in his belly…


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