Snippet: Margot and Nori #writing #erotic #romance

Of course I’m having my usual end of book block. I don’t know if I’m sad the book’s ending, fearful the ending isn’t wild enough or both. But enjoy this lil’ unedited taste while I get my act together. This is the beginning of their love affair. Nori’s still an arrogant bugger – can you tell I’m simultaneously working on another story featuring a British heroine? – making mental conditions for a love affair with his next artisan. But our Margot’s got something for his ass. Ha! – SS

…It was weird. He’d never liked tall women, preferring them short and well rounded, and while Margot’s bosom was as curvy as he could want, she had to be at least 5’9, and everywhere but her tits she was as lean as a greyhound. He hoped she was stronger than she looked. The way she had him feeling, he wasn’t entirely sure he’d be able to curtail his desire to be rough with her when he finally got her in bed.

He’d never seriously considered sleeping with someone he worked with. But then again, he’d never wanted a woman the way he wanted her, and he saw no reason why he should not have her. It was a capsule collection, after all. If things went badly, and instinct told him they would not, their association already had an end date. Sure dating one’s work colleague was a no no, but never say never, right?

Besides, she didn’t strike him as the clingy type. She was far too self-contained for that. Plus, he was French, he thought, grinning. There was always room for an exception, and Margot Temple was it. He was going after her, he would win her, and he would have her under him a, s, a, fucking p. He wouldn’t accept anything else…

If Candy was surprised at which things moved for their latest collaboration, she kept it to herself. She said nothing of the extra attention their new partner was getting, and when Nori asked, she willingly provided him with the schedules and plans for concept meetings, photo shoots, advertising and social media.

“Niomi Cambridge is taking the photos,” she was saying at one of their meetings.

Nori was only half listening. He already had the information he wanted, when and where the first campaign shots were being taken.

“She’s so talented. I couldn’t believe it when Tommy said she’d agreed to take the job, but apparently she’s a friend of theirs. They seem to know everyone.”

He grinned at her, her happiness was infectious. “Still convinced this will be a hit?” he teased.

“I know it for a fact,” she said. “We’re going to make so much money, you’re going to have to promote me after this.”

“Am I?”

She nodded.

“We’ll see.”

They were doing the initial promo shots for the campaign in Tommy’s house. Something about windows and light and the décor being a nice contrast for Margot’s skin. Nori could give a shit. He was going for one reason and one reason only – to try his luck. It was time to get his campaign to woo the lovely Margot into his bed underway. Concern that his focus had shifted so inexorably away from Ineffable he brushed aside. After all, keeping Margot sweet would help the business, no?

Margot Temple. His life seemed to revolve around one slender woman he wasn’t even sure gave a shit for him. Nori huffed, laughing softly to himself as he pulled up in front of Tommy’s building. Of course there was nowhere to park. He drove until he found a spot and walked four blocks back. Next time, he thought, the summer Chicago sun beating a tattoo on the top of his head, he would take a taxi.

“You look hot,” said Tommy, her big brown eyes knowing as she passed him a cold glass of something pink.

He downed it and found it was delicious.

“Fresh watermelon-lime juice. Margot made it for us. You hungry?”

Absolutely, but he doubted if Margot was on today’s menu, and today his palette was appallingly limited. “No, but I could do with a refill. Where’s the loo, love? I need to powder my nose.”

She grinned. “Margot asked me where you were from. England, she said? I said, no, he just went to English boarding school. I couldn’t tell her where you come from.”

“You can tell her I was born in Paris, that I speak four languages, and that I would very much like to whisper sweet nothings in all four of them in both of her pretty little ears.”

Tommy laughed and clapped him on the back. “I shall, dear Nori. The can’s down there to the left.”

Margot was standing in the hall when he came out.

My, my, he thought, heart rate increasing as a surge of adrenaline coursed through him. What have we here? The fly had come voluntarily to the spider.

“Tommy said you wanted to tell me something?”

Nori grinned and nodded, watching as she strolled closer. Good Lord she was sexy. And she smelled fantastic. Familiar, though this wasn’t the same light scent he recalled from their last meeting. They’d combed her hair out. It was huge, a soft black cloud floating around her perfect face…


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