Snippet: Lou n Lucky #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance

HTLAGDIn this unedited snippet toward the end of the book, Lucky has done his big reveal. Since he’s fine as hell green skin or naa, after some initial WTF-ery Lou was cool with it. Here he’s just informed her that there is one other secret he’s been holding back – sex between them could get a bit intense. You know, because they’re so perfectly suited.

He knows she’s his mate, that their lives and passions are undeniably linked, that they’re everything to each other. Lou, being a stubborn heroine, will take a bit of convincing. But I think we can all place the safe bet on our green demon for the win. Enjoy! – SS

He smiled, a beautiful smile full of happiness and secrets. A smile that said so much more than she’d ever written or thought she could write. That smile was a story. A complicated, rich, layered story full of his feelings, of his love for her, a love he’d never once tried to hide. That smile was like its own little adventure, complete with a happy ending the like of which she’d never seen or hoped for.

She leaned in to kiss him. She couldn’t help herself. He was so beautiful. His spirit so pure. There was no one like him. Not on this planet or any other.

“You are a marvel,” she whispered, staring into his sparkling gold eyes. “You say the way to have this great sex is to look deep into each others eyes. That we’ll make a connection so intense it will ratchet our pleasure up to a level that might be scary it’s so good.”

“Yes, my Lou.”

“Well, I’m game. But I’m telling you now. The pleasure I feel whenever I’m with you, whether we’re fucking or not, is so great, so bloody marvelous, I know for certain. Whatever, I feel during this little experiment of yours, it won’t come close to the love I’ve grown for you.”

“Grown?” He laughed softly. “Like a plant.”

She nodded. “Exactly like a plant. Now.” She wrapped her arms around his neck. “Fuck me into an alien state of mind.”

“With great pleasure.”

He lifted her off the ground, their mouths already fused, feeding. He never had to guide her legs around his hips. They moved that way of their own accord. Her limbs, her everything, needed to wrap him close, attracted by his heat and his hardness.

He ran his hands over her back as he walked them toward the bed and set her on top. He liked to stand her up tall, so he could undress her with his lips at easy height with her belly and breasts. He’d play as he stripped her, nuzzling and kissing until she felt like a living breathing teddy bear, and he was some bloody great big boy with a penchant for fucking his most beloved toys.

She laughed softly.

“What?” he whispered.

“I just had the most perverted thought.”

“Did you? Tell me.”

“No. You’ll think I’m mad, and I rather like you thinking of me as you do now.”

“And how is that?”

She scoffed. “I’m perfect, of course. If perfection actually did exist, I would be it in your eyes for sure.”

She was nude by now, and he had a mouthful of her breast as he tugged her down to her knees on the mattress.

“Have I mentioned how much I love that vanishing clothes bit of yours? It’s a close second to watching you transform into your right skin.”

He rolled her onto her back, his satiny skin rubbing hers like velvet as he got comfortable between her legs. He raised his head from sucking at her neck.

“Yeah? But you’re easily impressed.”

“I am not!”

“Are too. Me vanishing my clothes, as you say, takes so little energy as to be irrelevant.”

“It’s bloody magic,” she insisted. “And I won’t let you go all blasé on me like it’s not special. It is. You’re not human for pity’s sake.”

He moved her up the bed with that first thrust, and she arched, a sigh leaving her lips as a rush of heat and sensation ran through her so strong it nearly crossed her eyes. As it was she shuddered like a palsied woman.

“I know what is special,” he whispered into her flesh.

His voice was like hot, smooth skin. It was clever. It sent shivers running into the tips of her breasts, sent drunken butterflies fluttering like teens at a rave, all over the bloody place.

“Kiss me,” she whispered.



He obliged…



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