Creating My Own Box

So my wig’s a little twisted right now.

I often visit friends/fellow writer’s web sites periodically to see what they’re up to, and today I read something disturbing on my girl Theodora Taylor’s sitetrapped in a box

T posted an entry detailing how one woman explained why she gave her one star on Amazon. It was because she did not mention that her book was BWWM. This person felt the need to warn others – because she could not relate. I thought this was sad. Then I got pissed.

I added a line to all of my novel descriptions clearly saying this is a BWWM romance. But then I was like, F that. I’m taking that shit off. I will not voluntarily put myself in a box because someone thinks that a Black woman’s love story isn’t relatable. Like we don’t feel the same pain, joy and ecstasy that any other woman in love or lust does.

That’s the whole thing about diversity and racism and bias. Somehow, certain people think that minorities are like, literally different than everyone else. But we all experience the same emotions and problems. They just happen in different circumstances, perhaps in different locations or languages. We’re all human. We just come in different colors.

Anyone, I repeat, anyone can read and enjoy my stories.  I will not create my own box or facilitate my own limitations by suggesting for even a moment that only black women can enjoy my books. That would make me a liar.

Happy erotic and paranormal romance reading. Period. – SS


One thought on “Creating My Own Box

  1. Thanks so much for this thoughtful post. What’s sad is that I do clearly call it a BWWM and interracial romance. She was upset b/c she was all set to buy it before she saw the paragraph that mentioned it was a BWWM romance. What you’re saying about not putting yourself in a box really resonates. As the curator of the IR Bestseller list, I’ve noticed that some authors mention and some don’t. I always do, b/c I think it’s a wonderful selling point, but it’s totally no biggie if you don’t in my opinion. If people are upset b/c they’re prejudice and don’t want to read a novel with a WOC, then that’s their issue as a reader not yours as a writer.

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