Damn, this shit’s depressing, but it’s real life so I hope you take a look

Somehow I missed this new Usher song when it was released late last month. Please take a look. It’s horrible, but awareness is the first step toward acceptance and then action.

I’ve been going back and forth about what my next book should be. Tommy’s story is rattling around in my brain, as is Steele’s…I’ve even picked out my next color demon. *winks* But I’ve also got a story in my head where race plays a stronger role. Love will always win the day in my romantic fiction world, but I’ve been feeling edgy lately. Like I should do more, speak louder, write more in a targeted way. I think I just answered my own question. LOL.

I hope you all stick with me on this next journey. I’m feeling Scandal-ous – did y’all see the last episode? Good night! Shonda Rhimes is a genius at synthesizing current events and presenting them without beating you over the head. Did you recognize the Bill Cosby saga? – so God knows what’ll come out of my pen. It should be interesting… – SS


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