Snippet: I could happily drown in you. #amwriting #erotic #romance

Some men are like the tide. They roll in, you know you’re gonna drown, but you let ‘em take you under anyway. That’s what Lado is to Sophie. But things are just heating up. In this unedited snippet, Lado gives little Sophie a taste of how he likes to play…

“I can’t resist you,” she whispered, shaking her head.

He smiled. “Nor I you. But that’s okay,” he whispered, fingers making fast work of his own buttons. “Lie down for me. On your back. Stretch out your arms and legs.

Slowly, she obeyed, feeling absurdly shy and grateful he’d left her underwear in place.

He crawled between her legs, running his hands up from her ankles to the lace piped edge of her panties. He ran his fingers over her mound, slowly back and forth until she began to squirm. He placed his hand flat on her lower belly, fingers grabbing the rather frayed blue flowered cotton.

She gasped as he yanked. His eyes never left hers as he ripped the panties from her and tossed them away. He flipped the front clasp on her bra and quickly pulled her arms free.


See what? How beautiful he was leaning over her like some pale hungry beast? She squirmed under that intent green gaze. She wanted him to devour her. She thought she might actually beg for it if he didn’t touch her soon.

“See how you come alive under my hands. You love how I touch you. You can sense the passion I have for you, and you’re responding to it.”

He rolled her roughly to her belly and came down over her back, hands pulled her into the cradle of his hips so she could feel the hard present he’d cultivated for her. He trailed kisses along the back of her neck before he pressed her toward the bed with a firm hand in the middle of her back.

“Look at this,” he crooned, rising up on his knees and pulling her butt up as he rubbed against her, slow, side to side, forward and back. “You haven’t been made love to,” he said, as though it was her fault. As though she’d been negligent taking her vitamins or doing the laundry. “You need to be fucked,” he whispered. Then he hit her.

Sophie gasped as the heat from the strike spread across her ass, instinctively she struggled to get away.

“Shhh. That didn’t hurt. You need it,” he told her, subduing her easily.

Sophie shook her head, too overcome to speak. Was she in shock? She couldn’t quite believe he’d hit her. She was shivery, heat spiraling through her, her head was woozy, her neck too weak to hold it up. That hard, sexy slap on the ass had knocked something loose in her. She couldn’t seem to regain control of her limbs, and he took instant advantage, moving her where and how he wanted.

At first she didn’t notice that he left the bed. She just lay there, sprawled out, her body thrumming like she’d been attached to an electric current. Even the sheets seemed to do his bidding, stroking her sensitive nipples unmercifully and tangling beneath her in lumps to tease her engorged mound.

Her eyes flew open when she felt him wrap something around her wrists. She cried out when he rolled her onto her back and yanked her hands above her head, quickly securing them to the metal slats on her headboard.

She whimpered in fear. She’d lost control too quickly. She didn’t know what was going on. What was he going to do to her?

“Shhh. Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you.”

His eyes held hers, and Sophie wanted to look away, to close her lids, but somehow she couldn’t. Something had changed between them. Before he’d just talked about it, and only that in the context of her life, but now, the way he looked at her. She felt like he’d branded her. Between this moment and the last, he had taken her over.

She yanked on her bound wrists.

“It’s the cord from your bathrobe.”

Oh, God, now what?

“Sophie, Sophie, Sophie,” he whispered, running his hands over her body.

She arched, biting her lip to hold back sound when his clever fingers tugged at her nipples and then stroked up to circle her neck.

“I have you now.” He squeezed her neck. Not hard enough to obstruct her breathing, but hard enough to let her know he was in control. “Shall I tell you what my plans are for you?”

He had plans?

“You, you’ve been, thinking about this.”

He laughed. “Oh, yes,” he crooned, eyes bright as he watched her as his mouth suckled her small breast. He blew on her, enjoying her shiver. “I’ve imagined just this moment many, many times. Although, I must say seeing the reality first hand is far more enticing…”


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