Snippet: Sometimes I don’t know where I am with you.

Hey y’all. My internet is bugging. T-mobile is seriously pissing me off. I upgraded, and my shit got worse! And those damn calls to customer service are so long and arduous and annoying, I’ve just been dealing with it. Rant over. In this unedited snippet, Lado’s feeling some type of way after Sophie breaks him off a little something something in an unlikely place…

For a moment when he pulled into the garage he wondered what the hell he was doing. He never took women home. He usually made himself comfortable in theirs. But now Lado led his sleepy Sophie inside, put her in his bed, took off her clothes, wiped her face, neck and hands, and gave her another hot wet cloth to “Wash up your bits. I’m going to need them later. I want you comfortable.”

She did as he said, eyes mostly closed. She whispered thank you when he took the used towel back, already half asleep. It was dark in the room, and he deliberately didn’t turn on the light. He didn’t want any staring into each others’ eyes, wondering this that or the other. She sighed with every kiss, moving where he led without demur as he pulled up the covers around her, and obligingly snuggled down. He liked that she migrated immediately to his pillow, wrapped her arms around it. And that was it. She was out.

“She’s gotta work tomorrow at 10 am,” Tommy had told him as they were leaving, and he’d frowned at her.

He had a half a mind to call Tommy and say she wouldn’t make it in tomorrow, but Sophie was so prickly and independent. He might accidentally start World War III. He stood there looking down at her curled around his pillow. His more than half hard cock insisted that he make appropriate use of her. She is in your bed, his mind insisted, as though it was a foregone conclusion that he should be inside her and why was he delaying what was obvious?

But the perpetual hunger that kept him circling her like a hungry lion was no longer jangling his nerves, pushing him to push her. Despite their inauspicious start in the bathroom earlier he felt calmer – and all because she was sleeping in his bed. Where she belonged. He showered and climbed in beside her. He pulled her into his arms. Tomorrow he’d see about making the arrangement more permanent…

“So, what’s up with Lado?” Tommy asked the next day.

Sophie was filing and answering the phone. Conveniently, someone was on vacation.

“What do you mean?”

“Girl, bye. We all saw him take you home last night after disappearing into the upstairs bathroom in the middle of the party.”

Sophie tried to look stoic, praying her face didn’t reveal how truly embarrassed she felt. She waved a hand like it meant nothing, when really just a mention of last night had her nipples hard and her nether bits tingling. “He just did that to embarrass me. You know I’m writing a follow up piece on his company. He managed to charm my editor into visiting the same well twice.”

“Ah, the lost contract.”


Tommy laughed softly. “Well, I’m not surprised. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to take that sort of thing lying down. Margot said that piece hit him pretty hard personally. He’s proud of the changes he’s made in the company since he took over from his dad.”

If she believed that – which she didn’t – that would have been good information to have, information she would probably have found out and subsequently used had he kept even one of their scheduled interviews. As it was she’d had to write a short, relatively cut and dried piece. Her external sources had commented on the problems law firms had recruiting and especially retaining minority talent. She’d had no recent timeline from which to draw comparisons, only general facts about the company’s numbers, which was why the final piece had pissed him off so badly.

“Well, if he’s so proud he should have taken the time to tell me himself. He missed a perfect opportunity to tout his organization’s diversity efforts. I’m not to blame.”

“Of course not,” Tommy said. “You were just doing your job. Bet you taught his ass a good lesson,” she laughed.

“Yes. Beware the power of the press. If we call, answer.”

“Okay?” They laughed so loud other people in the office looked over smiling. “I think he likes you though.”

Sophie shot her a look, praying she didn’t start grinning like a recently well sexed idiot. “Don’t start, Tommy.”


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