When it comes down to the wire, when danger is literally so close you can taste it, if you’re smart, you don’t send a man to do a woman’s job.

I love writing strong heroines. I love it! It’s like I can imbue them with every trait I wish I had, or that I wish I could exercise more. I get carried away sometimes, but I legit don’t care. LOL It’s so fun to make these kick ass females do all these dangerous things – with a man at their back, rather than blocking the way. 

In this unedited snippet from my latest paranormal erotic romance, my heroine Steele finds herself on another planet with her new demon mate. As if that wasn’t adventure enough, she’s found herself a key role in a royal political coup. My hero Miles is not pleased…




Miles stood scowling while Hebe and a maid dressed her for “the sting” the next even ing. The dinner invitation from his Uncle had arrived first thing in the morning as anticipated. See, the King knew that Miles and his brothers were taking part in a very traditional ceremony in a remote part of Garhine, and the village’s rather arcane protocol meant that Steele, as a non-demon, could not attend.

“Rather than wait for hours in an anti-room, why not spend the evening in comfort?” Uncle wrote.

Comfort indeed, she thought. Right before he rapes and kills my black ass. She winked at Miles in the mirror.

“Don’t.” He started to pace.

Steele just laughed. “Too late, baby. I’m going on the hunt! We ‘bout to go undercover and all that.”

Hebe laughed. “My son, your mate is quite formidable. I couldn’t have chosen better for you.”

Miles stared at his mother – beaming at Eva with pride – in complete and utter disgust. For the first time in his life he actually wanted to curse at her. But he sighed and plopped dispiritedly into a chair instead.

“And your brothers?”

Steele smoothed the front of her sleek column gown in cream and palest blue. “Tramp and Benjie are being well entertained by several members of the guard they’ve befriended.” She winked. “I believe two demon sisters may also play into it somehow.

“I haven’t told them anything about this, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Why not? Could it be because you think they would object to what you’re doing?”

“Maybe, but you’re asking the wrong question, honey,” and the suddenly cold tone of her voice told him that he’d finally gone too far. “Whether they’d object isn’t an issue. They don’t control shit I do. I believe I told you once before, I’m the general in that army.”

“Yes,” he whispered. “I remember.” Damn it all the hell.


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