Not every man who misbehaved in the past deserves to be forgiven. But in rare cases, there’s one or two who deserve a second chance at love.

The Hick and the HippieEverywhere you turn these days, some powerful man is on fire for misconduct, losing his job, reputation going down in flames, legacy tarnished worse than metal left out in a warm Southern rain. I say better than never for that light to shine on their misdeeds, but I feel for all of the women who are reliving past shame and sadness, memories they’d probably have preferred never to resurrect again.

But it got me thinking about men who come back from the past. Only this one isn’t a perv. This one is that love that got away. The one who made your panties melt but vanished without a word. 

What if one day you found out why? Could you forgive? It’s not groping and taking a picture while you’re sleeping, or exposing yourself to a subordinate who’s just trying to make it in a tough industry. So, I’m thinking some forgiveness might be in order?

My heroine Lee had to decide what to do in my erotic romance The Hick and the Hippie. Let me know if you think she made the right decision.

The Hick and the Hippie is out now.




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