Why did no one teach witchcraft before your bloody powers went haywire in class for everyone to see?

The Best BiteSo, I’m trying to finish the OTHER book I’m working on now, but this sequel is determined to distract me. Don’t you hate that? When characters start acting up? Practically demanding that you sit down and write their story? It’s like hey! You’re not the only one who’s important, okay?!?! I’m gettin’ to it. Geez.

Here’s a snippet. The Best Bite is out now. 




Then there was the lunch period he recalled the pierogi their Polish housekeeper had made for him in Prague two summers past. Stuffed with potato and bacon, the little dumplings had been served with just a touch of butter and sprinkled with cheese, delicious. Five had appeared in the same earthenware bowl Ramine had used to serve them to him. That one he’d had to play off, too many people saw him, sitting in the cafeteria as though it wasn’t strange to be eating food not served that day with silver flatware edged in gold.

His reputation as an eccentric had been firmly set after that, and he quickly learned to control his thoughts by focusing intently on whatever he was doing. At least then if something popped in unexpectedly it wouldn’t be out of context.Read More »


Miles: I had to convince her that I loved her the same – in a demons body – and she loved me.

In my last unedited snippet, our heroine Steele discovered that her lover is a demon. Naturally, she can’t quite believe it. This picks up where I left off last week.

Poor Miles. He’s gonna have a helluva time convincing his lady that despite the change in skin color – primary colors make for a special kind of diversity! – he’s just the same. His love is just as true.




“Darling,” it said.

Steele rolled to the other side of the bed, her feet hitting the floor with a thud. Her hand was already on the doorknob when it spoke again.

“Darling, don’t go. It’s me, it’s Miles.”

Her heart was beating out of her chest, adrenaline surging for the run, but something made her stop, turn and look. Yup, still red as hell. What the fuck? She should be running for her life. Why wasn’t she running?

“I know it’s startling,” he soothed.Read More »

He was a prince of the realm. He wanted to go to Earth – for a woman. What was the big deal?

HTLABDY’all know I love worldbuilding. It’s why science fiction appeals to me. The freedom to bend the laws of physics and turn Earth bound notions on their proverbial ear.

That and I love the paranormal romance genre. Vampires, valkyrie, fairies, dragons, trolls, I love them all.

Of course, you know demons hold a special place in my heart. There is an infinite variety, and I’ve embarked on my own color coded series to explore each one’s gifts. 

How to Love a Blue Demon was my first foray into the genre and my hero Eyoen has a special place in my heart. This lovable blue demon was willing to do just about anything to be with his human mate Cass.

Please enjoy this first bit of the book. How to Love a Blue Demon is out now.




Eyoen shuffled his feet uncomfortably. He was more than 250 years old, and his father made him feel like a pup just weaned.

“Well?” his father’s voice demanded louder. “What do you have to say for yourself?”

“I didn’t know she was our neighbor, father,” he said softly.

“You didn’t know that you were fucking our neighbor’s daughter?” his sire yelled. “That’s what I’m supposed to tell the demon? My son defiled your oldest daughter, but he might not have if he’d known who she was? She hasn’t been home a full day, and he’s already preparing to send her back to the convent. The convent, Eyoen! How did you manage to corrupt a virgin in less than 24 hours?”Read More »

It’s not everyday a woman finds out her lover is a demon.

So, my heroine Steele is a tough guy. She carries a gun, routinely breaks the law, and as ex-military she has the skills and the chops to handle herself like a G in most any situation. She’s also got a past, a not so pretty past, but this? Finding out her latest lover/work project isn’t human? That’s a bit much even for a tough guy.

In this unedited snippet, Steele discovers that Miles, Australian actor of the blond hair and bright blue eyes, is actually a demon. All things considered, she takes it pretty well. Not.





He helped her sit up and instantly there was a glass at her lips. Eva drank down the cool, infused water.

“Mmmm. Thanks.”

They stared at each other for a while.

“That was interesting,” she eventually drawled.

Miles laughed. “Interesting, hey?”

“Not good enough? How about fabulous. Mind blowing. Out of this world. I’m not even sure what happened,” she admitted.

“You came a lot, and then you fainted. Then we took a bath and you insisted on sleeping.” He still looked disapproving.

She grunted and came up on one arm, mimicking his pose with chin on hand. “That’s never happened to me before. The fainting, I mean.”

He smiled gently, his green eyes warm and shining on her face. “There’s a first time for everything.”Read More »

She was poor, tired and sad. Then a rich jerk waltzed in and ate her damn breakfast. Worst day ever.

The Siege of Sophie Sherrod Story contemporary erotic romance BWWM interracialI adore rags to riches romance. You know, poor girl meets rich guy, and after some shenanigans, misunderstandings, hot sex and a few puppy dog tails thrown in for good measure, wa la! HEA.

There’s just something so appealing about a rich and powerful man who wants to spend all his lovely cash on some hard up but worthy heroine. Destitute aristocrat meets tech zillionaire, former high school princess fallen on hard times meets boy next door made good, any variation therein, and I’m sold.

My latest book is that kind of romance. Only heroine Sophie was once rich herself. She became poor quite by accident. How I ain’t gonna tell ya. Ya got to read it if you wanna know the deets. But I do have this here snippet to whet your appetite.


The Siege of Sophie is out now. 



She’d sent a zillion emails looking for freelance jobs this morning, applied to every job she was even sort of qualified for and reminded all of her agency contacts that she was available for temp work. Apparently so was everyone else.

She should open the mail. But why rush? Those bitchy white envelopes with their slim plastic windows held bills not checks. Bills she couldn’t afford to pay.Read More »

When a demon’s ready to mate, it’s best to stay out of his way…

…if you don’t, well. Let’s just say he won’t be happy, and neither will you!

I’m a good bit of the way done with the next paranormal romance in my demon series – can you guess what color this demon will be? – but I slowed down a bit. At first, I wasn’t happy with what I’d written. It wasn’t exciting enough. I needed drama!

Once I figured that out, things started flowing. Anyway, I hope to have it done next month. Meantime, please enjoy this unedited snippet. Our hero Miles, an Australian actor/demon, is starting to act funny. His behavior’s getting dodgy, even mean. Could it be he’s ready for his heroine/mate to present herself?

We’ll see…



At first he didn’t know what was going on. Normally the most even tempered of men, he was short with someone in a store. It was nothing terribly awful, but it was enough to make his assistant stare at him in surprise.

Then his agent, a pushy New York transplant known for wearing down his clients when they said no to jobs he felt they should do, felt the lash of his tongue as well.

“What’s got into you?”Read More »

You meet in an airport. The man who broke your heart, and 10 years later you find out why.

THATH Cover ImageI love to reread books. I have paperbacks that are held together with tape and rubber bands. It’s one reason I love ebooks – they’re less fragile – you won’t endanger your book by falling back into a story, getting comfortable with favorite characters. 

That goes true for my own work too. I don’t often sit down and reread one of my books from beginning to end, but if I’m referring back to a story – I often write about the same group of friends, and I may have to check timelines and such – I have been known to smile in remembrance over a character’s antics.

I love all of my heroes and heroines. It’s why I was compelled to write their stories. The Hick and the Hippie was one of the first romance novels I ever published. I dunno why I went back to it recently, but I want to share these characters with you again.

Lee and Xander have a wonderful back story, and I share much of their young love in flashback. Please enjoy this snippet from The Hick and the Hippie, out now. 


She froze. That voice. It couldn’t be. She spun around and stared at the man walking toward her.

“Xander,” she breathed.

My God, she thought. She hadn’t seen that grin in years. It still took her breath away.Read More »