I’ve been gone since November…

Actually, December – of last year! Geez. When I look at my site, which I haven’t in awhile because, I seriously feel like a bum! You’d think I fell off the face of the earth, got hit by a bus, died mysteriously, or worse – stopped writing. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I have like three, maybe four, almost finished books. Worthless to say, right? But I can prove it. I’m determined to release one before the end of the year. Here’s an unedited snippet from the next installment in my Demon Series… 

Steele loved nights like this. Very little breeze, moderate temperature, pure darkness with just a sliver of moon. Just enough light to keep you from walking off the edge of a roof. But not nearly enough for someone to see you and your long range sniper rifle posted up on one. Continue reading “I’ve been gone since November…”

Beware sunset. Handsome demons come out to roam the forest after dark.

I’m digging into my next demon story hard now. The action is percolating, the world building is popping, I’m having fun. I hope to have it done in the next month. In this unedited snippet I offer a closer look at my hero Miles in his demon state. His brother Mitchell starts asking questions. 



“You’ve been off for a bit now. Antsy for work are you?”

He’d been known to get out of sorts between jobs. He couldn’t help it. He had so much energy he needed to keep busy. And even here, snug within the bosom of his loving family, he felt, itchy.

By rights he should be on top form. His red skin was cool with the night wind, and had been for the past few nights. At home he could sleep bare. Not nude, but without his human disguise. Well, nude too. Still, it wasn’t enough.

“I dunno. I’ll figure it out.” Continue reading “Beware sunset. Handsome demons come out to roam the forest after dark.”

Snippet: They could have treated you like you have a tail, but certain men never want to let you go.

The Siege of Sophie Sherrod Story contemporary erotic romance BWWM interracialWarning: Language may be offensive.

You know the type. The ones who think they can hurt you with impunity. Then, when you kick ’em out they wait a while for things to cool off, then try to ease back in.

But when that last time finally comes, and there are no more do overs left, they turn ugly. Somehow they just can’t believe you’re no longer their fool for love, and bad shit happens.

Check out this scene from my latest The Siege of Sophie

“That’s far enough.”

He grimaced. “I’m sorry about last time, Sophie.” He gestured vaguely to her face. “I regret it. Are you alright?”

“Like you fucking care. Why do you keep coming back here? I told you to stay away from me.” Continue reading “Snippet: They could have treated you like you have a tail, but certain men never want to let you go.”

Snippet: When a man says, “Let’s play a game,” however much you may want to, don’t run.

Hello! Long time no read. I know. I’m shitty for not posting in forever, but I want you to know I’ve been thinking about you every day. I’ve been writing almost every day too, but it’s been more like a trickle than a flood. This whole full time job thing is so inconvenient! I keep hoping they’ll fire me, but no. So I keep going, they keep paying and sucking up all the primo writing time during the day. Fuckers. But I’m back with an unedited snippet from my upcoming novel The Siege of Sophie. Enjoy, comment, and know that this lengthy blog absence is now over.

Refresher: This story is a classic really. Heroine falls on hard times, hero steps in to save the day in more ways than one. But there are a few twists here and there, and you’ll see a few familiar characters return from Ineffable, Tommy, Steele, Margot and the crew. Sophie is an old, familiar friend who’s been absent from the circle due to financial trouble. Her mother also died and with it a long and rather worthless relationship. These things are all connected and have created a perfect storm of shit that has taken our heroine down and would have buried her in depression if she wasn’t such a stubborn little cuss.  Continue reading “Snippet: When a man says, “Let’s play a game,” however much you may want to, don’t run.”

It’s Coming…

I’m not dead! No, you know I’m not. You know I’ve just been writing and living and feeling terribly guilty for not blogging regularly. But you knew I was living ‘cuz you follow me on Instagram, right? No matter; all that’s about to change. I’m devoting myself to my romance writing. By the end of 2017 … Continue reading It’s Coming…

Ladies and gentlemen, How to Love a Green Demon is now live! #erotic #paranormal #romance

Lou and Lucky’s love story is finally finished, y’all. I had to cut the cord, force my crooked fingers to release their grip, and this erotic paranormal romance novel is now out in the world. I hope you guys like it. I hope you leave good reviews. I hope you tell your friends. I hope … Continue reading Ladies and gentlemen, How to Love a Green Demon is now live! #erotic #paranormal #romance

Snippet: Lou n Lucky #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance

Man. It’s getting hard to find snippets because I don’t want to give any of the surprises away. In fact, I just realized that last post was a repeat – sorry! To make up for it, this unedited snippet is twice as long as usual. I’m gonna release How to Love a Green Demon in August. Meantime, enjoy. – SS

HTLAGDHe never missed a patch of skin, never missed a spot, finding without error that slightly rough patch inside her that drove her out of her mind. Thinking wasn’t even possible. Panting, yes, grunting yes, moaning, absolutely, scratching her short nails over his broad green back, certainly. Thought, no. To think would have been disrespectful.

Loving like theirs deserved one’s full attention, anything less would be like spitting in God’s face. Lucky’s touch was like being kissed by a sunbeam, stroked by velvet, eating the perfect scone and lemon curd and getting a fat ass direct deposit, all at the same bloody time.

He could sense exactly where on her body to touch to elicit just the response he wanted, and he only wanted one thing – to turn her into a heaving, slobbering mess. One who threw her hips at him like a mechanized piston, arched her back and thrust her tits out so he could watch them bounce on her chest as he pounded her into whatever surface she happened to be on. Ground, pallet, a thick carpet of flowers, he could care less. His goal was simple – to hear her scream out his name. Continue reading “Snippet: Lou n Lucky #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance”