Stealing from Real Life

One of my train friends Shaan got engaged. I gushed over the ring and the proposal – he got down on one knee in front of her family – and came in to work with a smile on my face. It’s still there, actually.

Our other train friend Damita rolled her eyes at my glee in the engagement and pending nuptials: “She’s a romance writer,” she said. “You know she’s gonna build a whole story around this.”

I feel no shame. I am a romantic, and proud of it. I absolutely adore the idea of two people in love, joining their lives and committing to love and cherish one another forever. And who knows, Shaan and her soon-to-be-hubby may indeed find some piece of their perfectly executed love story fictionalized by me, perhaps without my even knowing it! LOL

But them’s the breaks when you fraternize with writer’s. Some facet of you or your life may be advertently¬†– or deliberately tee-hee! – pinched for use in the next tale of love and sex and happily ever after.

I love stories like that…


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