Stalking Matthew Goode

Watched Imagine Me and You last night starring Matthew Goode. He’s my latest cinematic stalking victim – meaning I’m watching everything netflix offers – may they burn in hell for raising their prices, corporate ghouls – so far I’ve seen Watchmen, Lookout, Brideshead Revisted, South of Grenada, A Single Man etc., and he is stunning.

All men should be tall, charming, attentive, beat up anyone that threatens your safety, cry when you leave them and have big hands, even bigger smiles and a British accent doesn’t hurt. Have you ever noticed how some Brits use their mouths? It should be illegal. Goodey – fabulous nickname anyone? – has a most mobile mouth.

Of course, heroes like this are a dime a dozen in the best literary (yes I said literary and I will scrap with anyone who attempts to deny it) genre of all time, romance. Who wants to read about an ugly man sweeping some woman off her feet? Even the uglies you see on screen aren’t always ugly. There’s something about certain men – charm, presence, sex appeal, wit – something that makes them intensely attractive.

It might just be a great pair of eyes, or hands, or his ability to use them effectively…I love stories like that.


3 thoughts on “Stalking Matthew Goode

  1. I’ve recently discovered Matthew Goode too – and I’m obsessed! If you haven’t seen Leap Year, you should. It didn’t get great reviews, but I love it. Maybe because he’s in almost every scene…but his character makes me go weak in the knees. Yes, it’s predictable but who cares? I also loved Imagine Me and You…his character was so sweet. There are lots of great photos and videos out on the web for you to enjoy. He’s such a character in these interviews…and says whatever pops into his head with the most colorful language! lol There are some blogs too that are good, but no active websites that I can find. I’ve toyed with the idea of starting one, but wouldn’t know where to begin!

    He also has a lot of new projects brewing…can’t wait to see them!

    BTW – I’m also a writer with similar interests to yours, but I’m working on a mystery…and strangely enough, my male lead looks an awful lot like someone who’s caught our eye! 😉

    Yeah, I guess you could say I’m a little enthusiastic about the guy.

    • I have seen Leap Year, and I loved it. He was so deliciously crabby, and all because of a broken heart… Predictability be damned. Romance is a story I can hear over and over and over. I’ve been stalking him on YouTube too. Have you seen the New York Times interview with the wine? He’s gorgeous. Absolutely inspirational, as you can tell, no? LOL Thanks for reading my blog!



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