Triflin’ Ass ‘Writers’ Give Me the Scratch

OK. My company has summer hours on Fridays, meaning we can leave work at 1 pm if we’ve finished everything that needs finishing. That never happens for me because I have too much work to do, but it really didn’t happen today because I discovered at the eleventh hour that a triflin’ ass contributor plagarized pieces of her article.

I caught her earlier this week – yes I’ve been working on this thing that long. It was so jumbled I had to take it in doses – and asked her point blank was there anything else in the piece I should have be aware of. She lied to my email and told me no. Today I found two other areas in the piece that were written verbatim from other sources. Unbelievable. Needless to say I will never work with her bitch ass again. I’m actually looking forward to her reaching out to me for any reason so I can tell her to kiss my ass/you will never publish in any of my company’s magazines as long as I’m running them.

It’s reprehensible. Truly disgusting that someone would try to get away with this type of thing in this day and age! The Internet being what it is, it’s fuckin’ stupid too! And she’s a CEO! She doesn’t deserve how much work I had to put into that thing to bring it up to the standard my magazine is known for. At all. If I’d had another alternative, I’d have shitcanned her ass in a heartbeat.

Sigh. Another day in the editor’s chair. LOL

I do not like stories that this.


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