I know why Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Split

It was because of work. These are both huge stars. They make pots of money. They’re both very attractive, and have ruthlessly parlayed that attractiveness into a hell of a living. Worse, they’ve been stars for years. Neither is new to the game.

They’re old hats at the diva thing. Marc is Latin. He’s probably used to being in charge. But the average woman with a big ass and a cute face doesn’t get to where Jennifer Lopez is. She has made herself into an icon through sheer hard work. Her discipline is awe inspiring.

I can see her stepping to the side to let Marc lead the way, but not in everything, and that’s probably what he wanted. Plus he seems like a Tom Cruise when it comes to marriage. He trades ’em in after a certain time. It will be interesting to see who his new bride is.

I don’t think it’s going to be ugly. The split itself will be elegant. Pleas for privacy and lots of dark glasses and slightly pained smiles. Fortunately, La Lopez has grown out of that need for attention thing. I feel like that focus is coming back, which is good. I mean really, this is the woman who put her twins in a Gucci ad. I don’t think she’s going to be down for long. Jennifer will have some other fabulous specimen on the line after awhile. He’ll be younger I think.

As for Marc and Jennifer. I think they really loved each other. It’s just that their characters are too much alike. There can only be one boss at the top, one alpha, one dominant, one submissive, one protagonist and one antagonist. In the best fiction everyone has a role to play. Once that role is established, each person works to maintain balance and excel in their particular role.

And really, who can guess what else could have gone wrong?

* This was an unadulterated work of complete and utter fiction. If you chose to take any of the aforementioned work of fiction seriously, that is entirely your affair.    – Sherrod Story


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