This is why I can’t stop writing/reading…

If you’re anything like me you follow authors, meaning you’ll read everything they write and get real happy when there’s a series afoot. 

And when you follow authors you can’t help but notice similarities in the way different characters behave from book to book, or how the author will use similar language or descriptors. Susan Johnson is a great example.

I’m reading Pure Silk right now, and it’s classic Johnson. Some passages are almost indistinguishable from others I’ve read in her books. But it’s totally forgiveable for one evocative reason: character.

Johnson is a master of male adjectives:

“His beauty was breathtaking, his tall, rangy body hard-muscled and powerful, his ruffled curls enchanting…His size alone set him apart, along with the stark beauty of his eyes.”

With imagery like that to wet one’s, appetite for more, what’s a little repitition between literary friends? Just thinking about this man laying abed, sprawled in tangled sheets, one big hand curled beside a strong jaw, makes me want to read to see what else he will do. If perhaps, when he turns in his sleep, the sheet may not stay the course in covering that long, undoubtedly male body…

I love stories like that.


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