Deep From the Well of Productivity

I am seriously multi tasking right now. Writing, working, drinking, and wearing Usher’s music out. But I still have time to write  you guys a love story. Following along with the pictures.

You know you love me, Usher laughed. You listen to my music every chance you get. Imagining how it would feel if I sang those words to you… How would you feel I ignored every call and focused on you. The back of the limo’s always good for that. We could get close – maybe you’ll sit on my lap, you know, and face me? – on our way somewhere fly.

I could do that for you, you know. I wouldn’t mind. I could even budget the time as …rehearsal. Like for my next video…you could be in my next video…we could play man and wife, and I’d come home to you every night…

I could fill you up, and this would come out…ain’t he cute? We could hire someone to help and jet off somewhere fun where we can hold hands in some hot clear water. We could go away for the whole weekend. I could work in the morning maybe and call you from every stop. I’d ask you how much you miss me…where are you right now? In bed? Good girl…

I know how much you like to kiss in corners. You like it when somebody could walk in and catch us. I could give you a run for your money under the table at that new spot in town they want me to go to. Though I swear you’re quick. Even with your tongue in my mouth and your hands down my pants you never let them see me.

I can always hide my face in your neck. Your scent makes me hold your hand in my pants… I wish we were alone. This would go so much more smoothly if I could just lay you down, spread you out, you know. Get comfortable.

I could take off your clothes. You could take off mine. We could relax, you know? Turn some Maxwell on. You like him almost as much as me, right? I like your laugh, baby. But I was thinking, maybe you could make that other sound for me. You know the one I like? The one you make when you’re on your back, and I’m between your legs, and whatchu mean you don’t remember? I know you remember!

I damn sure ain’t forgot it. It was like that scene I did for In the Mix. Remember the song that was playing? It was nice and slow. Not my song, silly, the rhythm…You liked how I used my belt to…hold on baby. Let me get rid of whoever this is at the door. I’ll call you right back!

Life with a star huh? Might be nice. Especially if he squired you around looking like this: Just sexy for no damn reason.


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