Saw old friend Bradley Cooper in Limitless this weekend. It’s a story about a down on his luck man named Eddie, a writer with a book contract and a mean case of writer’s block. He runs into his ex brother in law on the street, a drug dealer who’s come up in the world and supplies him with a wonderful new pill.

Tiny, crystal clear and simply illuminating, this gem of a drug opens up the 80 percent of your brain that typically lies dormant. Eddie learns new languages, talks sundry women out of their drawers, including his landlord’s mean wife, learns to play the piano and the stock market to the tune of several million dollars.

Bradley proved intelligence is terribly sexy. I quite enjoyed watching those sharp blue eyes dance around as his extremely stimulated brain processed every scrap of information coming into it from everywhere.

Crazy baseline energy all harnessed to the greater good – improving himself and shining a little light on all those around him. It’s a fabulous idea. Opening the mind’s boundaries so that everything is possible. It’s cliched to say that the only limits we really have are those we place on ourselves, but like all cliches, there’s truth in the statement.

I know what I’d want to have a limitless supply of. It wouldn’t be my new favorite wine Electra. It wouldn’t be a bottomless credit card or an endless supply of joints. I probably wouldn’t learn the stock market, at least not to spend all day and night staring at it the way Eddie did in the movie. I don’t think I’d do much different from him really.

He wrote a book in four days, a killer too. Began to exercise, travel, meet and greet and charm and enjoy life. He never sat down; was always building, learning, doing. And that kind of energy is seductive. Eddie made the absolute best use of his time, until the drug started kicking his ass.

That’s the thing about drugs. They work at first. They calm your nerves. Clear away bullshit from your mind, may even make you physically feel better. But they never last. You always need more. That one would seriously tempt me though. And Bradley was masterful in his efforts to control its effects. Looks like he may have a new project brewing with La Lopez. We’ll see. I just hope she’s not another neurotic single girl looking for love when it bites her from someplace unexpected.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that one.


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