Young Adult

I’m getting old, I think.

I’ve been fighting the idea – working out during the week on the lunch break (fat kids gotta lose a few pounds ’cause all her jeans are too tight), faithful skin regime at night (lookin’ pretty good I must say! Having bragged I’ll probably break out in hives! LOL), cutting out sugar (soooo hard) – but the evidence is mounting.

I hardly ever listen to the radio – most of the popular music out now is utter crap – and I used to luuv the radio, bits and piece of my body just randomly twinge or ache for no good reason, and the pièce de résistance, my reading tastes are changing. Let’s take a metaphoric pause to let that very important sentence sink in…

I used to love reading super hot erotic romance. I mean, smokin’ hot. I still like it, but I’ve been rereading some of my old books to keep from buying new ones, and the ones I pick up are old Harlequin romances or paranormal stories or stories that feature romance prominantly but where the sex takes a back seat to other story elements. 

I think I mentioned once before in a tweet or something that I was considering giving the young adult genre a try. I’ve been thinking about it, reading popular YA books and thinking about it, and reading blogs and thinking about it. I even got an idea for a book, which I put up on Facebook, and got some good feedback/encouragement. So now I’m pretty much done thinking about it, and I’m going to do it.

Stay tuned. I’m thinking of making this a group project. I’ll post little snippets to see what ya’ll think as I write the tale of a high school age witch and a vampire as they fall in love and vanquish whatever challenges need vanquishing.

I love stories like that…


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