Loving That Teen Spirit/Angst

4 thoughts on “Loving That Teen Spirit/Angst”

  1. I love to read romance, especially interracial. I feel that is covers everyone not just a few. I’m also glad that you’re including the YA’s they have crushes on each other from different races & backgrounds, but they feel they have to hide it because to some it’s not accepted. I love Vampire Diaries, Twilight Series(books),& Vampire Academy, and I’m in my 40’s. So keep on writing.

    1. Will do, Mawinta! It’s tricky because as a writer you don’t want race to be the reason someone misses out on a good story, but you do want the variety ’cause it adds to the romance. I’ll work it out LOL. Stay tuned! I’ll also check out those other series you mentioned. Thanks for writing!


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