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My YA ‘vampwitch’ – feel free to pass that word around and credit me LOL – story is still rolling right along. I’m having way too much fun writing this thing. My characters are now firmly in luv and the conflict has started. The absentee paranormal ‘rents are back on the scene and bringing all sorts of hullabaloo and mayhem with them! Tee-hee!

My recent foray into YA has actually sparked another story, which forced me to diverge from the paranormal. I’m flipping back and forth like a literary pancake right now, working on both tales, but I couldn’t resist this new idea once it took root in my head; it’s all about the mob and a mysterious new drug that makes its users sincerely like the most horrible things…

In an effort to get better acquainted with my new readership I’ve been watching teen movies, reading/buying YA books and following a few prolific teen tweeters, and can I say, prolific doesn’t even cut it? Check out the handles in the title via Twitter. Not only are their feeds constantly updated, they’re so witty it’s ridiculous.

And yes, I do realize that last statement could be construed as a backward insult, but it wasn’t intended as such, I just had to say it! I find myself retweeting from @ohteenquotes like 40 going north, and meaning it!

Love YA, people. Seriously. This is what’s up.


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