Why Modern #Superman Movies Get Bad Reviews

The answer is simple. Superman is an inherently romantic character, his demeanor, his attitude, his eyes. All are kind. Sweet. Old-fashioned. Practically crying out, love me Earth. I don’t want to be alone. Sadly, the world is too cynical to appreciate this kind of man. To fully empathize with his plight. What do we know of a man who feels bad about – who would hesitate before – killing, who will risk life and limb for others without a thought for self. I’m not even sure if people fully understand someone like that. Romantics can. I think casting pros understand it too. Brandon Routh in Superman Returns, which I found charming enough to buy, and Henry Cavill are evidence they understand the romance behind the action. These men do sweetheart very well, naturally. Unfortunately, people today want sex – which is fortunate for me given the tenor of my books – but Superman is about subtlety, courting, hand holding and all the sweetness one might find in love, not sex or, as is more common in action films today, fucking. Open your minds to some good old school love, I say! Then the appeal of a super man will settle into your bones and sustain you through abrupt flashbacks, dodgy action sequences and poorly executed, thin in spots, story lines.

As for this video. Raise a glass for the English chat show! I adore them. I’d love to be on one, and not just for the easy handed drinking, either – which I suspect had something to do with Amy Adams tendency to repeat herself LOL. Henry is a doll, of course, but I was surprised at how charismatic Russell Crowe was. That deep voice is too die for, obviously, but his kindness to the young Henry, telling…enjoy!


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