Limiting Myself Is Totally Unintended

3 thoughts on “Limiting Myself Is Totally Unintended”

  1. I was one of those kids there! I was the only chocolate chip in the cookie dough a lot of the times. So, as every single teacher/professor has taught us, we write what we know.
    As far as Kindle sales… you do not live and die by Amazon, yes it is a big beast, but there are other distributors. if this is self-published, did you post this on as well? Did you have a look at pricing on Amazon is great, but they will not butter your bread.
    All the books you are looking for…. they are there… try the IMRC list on facebook…

  2. (I found this blog randomly while trying to find out what “urban romance” is, LOL!) But here, here! It’s the story that matters, not what color or income bracket the characters are from. i couldn’t care less what a good couple’s ethnicity is (or whether they’re from the inner city or the middle of nowhere iowa) so long as they have a good story and make me do that embarrassing little giggle thing 😉

    I’m not much of an “in person” seller, either, so I feel your pain. I don’t do well on paperback sales, in fact. I’m not selling millions on Amazon Kindle, either, for that matter, but it’s like a 1 to every 200 or more ratio. If that 😉

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