“I have today made a very serious decision…”

said Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

For me, that means no vacation this year. Which sucks, ’cause I was saving diligently for it. I was planning to visit Savannah, GA’s Dresser Palmer House. I saw myself sitting in quaint, chintz-inspired rooms straight out of Southern Living. With my laptop at the ready I’d finish up something fabulously colorful to bring home and sell to a million rabid readers – inspired, you understand – by the ironwork, cocktails, fried cooking and perhaps some mysterious gentleman with a deep, musical drawl and a marked tendency to pop up just when I needed inspiration – but in a totally non stalkerish way. 

But in doing my research I found you can actually fly to the Caribbean for less than it costs to get to Savannah. Good night! So, I’ve decided to stay home and use the money I’ve saved to buy a new ipad, to further my writing ambitions sans southern magnolias and lazy summer lounging on wicker furniture. Sigh.Bring practical can be so annoying! Still, there’s always next year…


One thought on ““I have today made a very serious decision…”

  1. Yep, that’s sometimes downside of being an grownup, we must forego enjoyment for practicality. It does indeed suck. Would I like to creep into my 401(k) to retrieve a little cheddar for the purchase of that Infiniti I’ve had my eye on? Absolutely, but another part of being a grown up is avoiding regrets when possible. Enjoy the iPad!


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